Patient Satisfaction Through Medical Linen Services

Comfort Care Gown BagYou've got enough to worry about without wondering whether the linens, scrubs, gowns and lab coats you need are going to be sanitized, clean and on the shelf when you them. Healthcare-acquired infections are on the rise -- along with the costs -- and it’s more important than ever to prevent avoidable complications and keep your patients safe. Rest assured that ImageFIRST’s laundering and delivery processes properly protect patients and staff after the products have left our hands.

For the care and health of your patients, ImageFIRST’s Triple BioShield Protection® process cleans and protects through:

  • Dead on Contact: An advanced wash process that sanitizes linens and gowns, killing 99.999% of common pathogens
  • BacStat BioShield: A softener and protective coating applied to every product so bacteria doesn’t spread
  • Plastic Barrier: We encase all linens and garments in a plastic barrier for your patients’ safety

When it comes to a patient’s perceptions of your facility, it’s often the little things that matter most. Overlooking gown and linen details like stains, holes and missing ties shows a considerable lack of quality in care. ImageFIRST provides the quality controls you need to assure patients of your high-quality care and attention to detail.

  • Hand inspections confirm linens are bright white and products returned to you are free of stains or tears
  • Patient gowns are individually bagged and sealed, creating another layer of protection before going out for delivery

If you are letting poor quality linens slide by, your patients are sure to wonder if your standards for caring about their health are just as lax. ImageFIRST ensures high-quality, clean linens for patient satisfaction, every time.

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