Healthcare Gowns

Your patients' experience starts before they ever see a doctor, and you can make an immediate and positive first impression with the right product for the right patient and procedure -- a product that is high quality, properly sanitized and individually sealed.

In fact, recent surveys have shown that high-quality patient gowns increase patient perception of a facility. ImageFIRST's product line of healthcare patient gowns, robes and other garments features quality, soft fabrics in a wide selection of styles to maintain patient comfort.

With healthcare’s rising emphasis on patient satisfaction, medical providers are looking for ways to redefine the patient experience.

As major as involving patients and families in a facility’s design and as small as assessing the quality of their linen rental program, no project is too big and no details too small for providers to tackle. And sometimes, minor changes can have a major impact.

Imagine:  what if a simple change like offering the right patient gowns could guarantee an increase in patients perception of your facility? Our exclusive Comfort Care line of premium patient apparel has done just that by at least 50% in healthcare facilities who have switched to our rental program.

Patient Gowns Rental

As the fastest national linen rental and laundry provider, ImageFIRST strives to be your cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction. That why we only offer quality patient apparel, scrubs uniforms, healthcare bed sheets, cubicle curtains and more.

Comfort Care® Line

We also offer our exclusive Comfort Care Premium Patient line, which are exceptionally comfortable, luxurious robes and cozy gowns. The fabric is light, breathable, warm, durable and absorbent yet with a soft texture and drape like a natural fiber cloth that offers a soothing softness.

When you need rentals for your patient gowns and robes, get in touch with one of our professionals. Find out today how our healthcare expertise can help.

Click on the thumbnails below to see our gowns up close.

  • Healthcare Shadow Gown
    Classic styling featuring wrap-around side ties to prevent gaping. Unisex: OSFM (One Size Fits Most) Perfect For: Family Practice, OB/GYN, All Practices
  • Robe-Style Patient Burgundy Gown
    Robe-style gown featuring short sleeves and a longer length in a rich burgundy color for complete coverage, modesty and comfort. This gown can accommodate patients up to 250 pounds. Unisex: OSFM Perfect For: MRI, OB/GYN, Plastic Surgery, Radiology, Urology
  • Navy Robe Gown
    Rove-style gown with secure wrap styling and front ties to ensure coverage for patients. Poly/cotton blend fabric is soft to the touch. Unisex: OSFM Perfect For: MRI, Surgery
  • Bariatric Gown
    Roomy and comfortable, featuring large neck and arm holes to better fit those patients who need larger gowns, up to size 10XL. Size: Oversized Perfect for: All Practices (generally needed by at least 10% of a practice's patients, depending on practice specialty and patient needs).
  • Royal Blue Mammo Gown
    Wrap-style gown featuring the same secure styling as our other front wrap gowns but in a shorter length. Size: OSFM Perfect for: Breast Centers, Cardiology, Mammography, Stress testing
  • Pink Mammo Gown
    With longer sleeves and a wider front flap, this pink mammo gown offers more warmth and coverage than our Royal Blue Mammo Gown. Women's: OSFM Perfect For: Breast Centers, Cardiology, Mammography, Stress Testing
  • Telemetry Gown
    Styled to accommodate the patient who needs a dedicated IV line, a telemetry pocket, with snaps along the shoulders and upper arms for easy access. Sizes: OSFM and Oversized Perfect for: Surgery, Gastroenterology
  • Pediatric Gowns
    Your littlest patients will love the comfort and softness of a gown made especially for them! This flame-resistant fabric meets the requirements of the federal Children's Sleepwear Acts DOC-FF71 and 5-74
  • Coral Gown
    Wrap style featuring easy-to-manage front ties that protect your patients' modesty. Sizes: OSFM Perfect for: OB/GYN, Smaller patients (i.e., petite women)
  • Sleeveless gown with back closure for unrestricted access to upper arm
    Sleeveless gown with back closure for unrestricted access to upper arm
  • Three Armhole Gown
    Designed for complete modesty. Stays in place through the use of an overlapping panel and a third armhole, using no snaps or ties. Can be worn opening in the front of back. Sizes: OSFM Perfect for: MRI facilities, All practices 
  • These shorts provide extra coverage in a comfortable cotton/poly blend and elastic waist.Unisex: S, M, L, XL, XXLPerfect For: Orthopedics
    These shorts provide extra coverage in a comfortable cotton/poly blend and elastic waist. Unisex: S, M, L, XL, XXL Perfect For: Orthopedics