Triple BioShield Protection®

Sanitized Healthcare Laundry Services

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Protect Your Patients

sanitized healthcare laundry servicesThe improvement of your patients' health is at the forefront of your healthcare system or facility. However, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) have been linked to readmissions after a patient's hospital stay. HAIs have a significant negative impact on overall patient impression, as well as adverse financial and health implications.

That's why ImageFIRST has developed a comprehensive infection prevention system comprised of three steps that go beyond regulatory standards.

  • Dead on Contact
    Our wash process ensures your linens and gowns are sanitized.

  • BacStat BioShield
    A softener/protective coating safeguards all products long after they've left our facility.

  • Plastic Barrier
    Every item delivered to our customers is encased in a plastic wrap.

Readmitting patients due to an infection acquired during their stay is counterproductive to your healing efforts. Prevent the spread of HAIs with ImageFIRST's Triple BioShield Protection®.

Protect Your Patients