Concierge Linen Program

Maximizing your staff’s time can be as simple as leveraging the right vendor. If you could free them up from basic tasks like linen inventory management, would you?

Partnering with ImageFIRST can get you that. Because you don’t get a delivery driver whom you barely see. You get your very own Customer Advocate – someone invested in your success. Sure, he or she will deliver your sanitized linen, wrapped in plastic.

Your Customer Advocate goes beyond the basics; he will also handle placing linen on your shelf, manage your inventory to help control costs, ensuring you have enough but not overpaying for too much, and you’ll get direct access to him or her.

All that to ensure your staff is freed up to focus on what really matters: quality, compassionate patient care.

Our Concierge Linen program includes:

  • Exclusive, remarkably cozy Comfort Care® gowns
    • Mammo gown
    • Reversible full coverage gowns
    • Robe-style gown
    • IV gown with telemetry pocket
    • Robe
  • Luxurious flat and fitted twill sheets and pillow cases
  • Plush fleece blankets
  • Luxurious towels: bath, hand, and washcloth
  • Standard gowns for every patient and procedure
  • Thermal and bath blankets
  • Terry towels: bath, hand, and washcloths
  • Hampers
  • Linen locker

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