Patient Surveys

Satisfaction Increases With Our Comfort Care℠ Line

We are so convinced that our new Comfort Care line of products increases patient satisfaction that we asked medical facilities using our new plush products to conduct "before and after" comparison surveys of their patients. The surveys match competitors' gowns against our Comfort Care products.

The results, so far, demonstrate that Comfort Care overwhelmingly increases the favorable impression of the facility.

The three separate surveys asked hundreds of patients: Did the gown or robe you used today during the exam leave a favorable impression of [name of facility]?

Following are the percentages of patients who rated their overall impression of the healthcare facility as either "favorable" or "very favorable" after wearing the Comfort Care product, versus a competitor's gown.

Survey 1

  • Comfort Care: 87%; Competitor: 56%

Survey 2

  • Comfort Care: 100%; Competitor: 20%

Survey 3

  • Comfort Care: 100%; Competitor: 34%

Through these surveys, we truly learned how Comfort Care products help medical facilities improve patient satisfaction.

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