Ensuring Clean And Safe Healthcare Laundry

How Your Infection Prevention Plan Should Include Linen

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and their costs are a constant concern for medical facilities, and a challenge that isn’t ever going away. Outpatient facilities, medical offices, hospitals and health systems alike work hard at managing HAIs and taking critical steps to combat them, among other ways with annual infection prevention plans.

But how comprehensive is your plan? Are you actively addressing all the hard surface and soft surfaces your patients and staff come in contact with? If your linen isn’t part of your plan, you’re missing one of many critical steps to keep your patients and staff safe. 

And getting your linen laundered isn’t enough: how do you know that you are receiving the cleanest healthcare linen from your laundry provider, when there’s no industry-wide accepted quantifiable definition of the term “hygienically clean”?

The short answer is: you don’t.

There are specific things to look for in a medical laundry provider that ensure your hospital gowns, scrubs, or bed/bath linens are returned to your facility sanitized – keeping staff and patients safe. Your vendors should be partners, and work as an extension of your team with you, fully integrated within your plans to help you reach your goals.

Find out how to ensure your healthcare linen is laundered properly and safely: