Signs Your Scrubs Program Is Mismanaged

Is your staff stashing scrubs because they're afraid the right size won't be available when they need it? Are you being hit with high and/or unexpected scrubs replacement charges? Is your scrub inventory management giving you headaches?

These are signs of a poorly managed scrubs program that increases your programs costs while creating unnecessary stress for you.

The fit and appearance of your staff's scrubs are essential parts of your patients' perceptions of your facility. A poorly-managed scrubs program can lead to a poor patient experience.

In the complimentary guide “5 Telltale Signs That Your Scrubs Program Is Being Mismanaged,” we provide you an informative, free checklist will help you determine if your scrubs program is being managed efficiently, or if it wasting time and resources that could be better spent on providing exceptional care to your patients.

Get your scrub program to become worry-free: