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ImageFIRST Instant Service Smartphone App

In healthcare, above all industries, you must be prepared when the unexpected occurs. And if that time comes, you won’t want to be digging around your emails for a phone number or searching your drawers for an elusive business card.

That’s where the Instant Service App comes in, available for free on your smartphone. This app enables you to instantly connect with an ImageFIRST associate to quickly solve your medical linen and apparel challenges, anytime. No need to root around for that business card or search your email or contacts!

Available to all ImageFIRST customers as part of their program, the Instant Service App can be downloaded on Android devices through the Play Store or Apple devices through the App Store. Simply search for "imagefirst" to find and install the app.

To log into the app, you need a username, which you can obtain through your Customer Advocate or the Customer Care team at 800-368-3676.

Here's how your ImageFIRST Instant Service App works:

  1. Open the application on your smartphone by tapping the ImageFIRST app icon.
  2. Push the “Instant Connect” app button, which takes you to the contact screen. You will see buttons listing your Customer Advocate, his or her supervisor (Service Manager), the General Manager of the ImageFIRST location and our Customer Care Center.
  3. Select the contact you need, and your phone will automatically dial the number. There's an email option, too!

As your partner, ImageFIRST is there for you and we are ready to solve any pressing issues!

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