How The Right Medical Linen Service Improves Patient Satisfaction

Posted by Justin Phillips on Mon, Nov 25, 2013 @ 01:46 PM

The future of your healthcare system or medical practice hinges on making marked improvements to patient satisfaction. Retaining and delighting customers is critical today amid fierce competition in the medical marketplace. Consider the following statistics taken from the book, How To Win Customers And Keep Them For Life:

A typical business hears from only 4 percent of its dissatisfied customers. The other 96 percent just quietly go away and 91 percent will never come back. This represents a serious financial loss for companies that don’t know how to treat customers, and a tremendous gain for those that do.

When you factor in the trickledown effect a patient’s negative review can have -- to online sites, family and friends -- the effects to your healthcare facility could be the difference between sustainable success and serious cutbacks.

Creating patient satisfaction is achieved in many ways, from aesthetics to customer service, especially regarding first impressions.

It’s likely you’ve felt the pressure yourself to differentiate your practice from the others. You could spend your time and a considerable fortune on amenities and experiences to court patients and build referrals – HDTVs, gourmet coffeemakers, aromatherapy, all in a spa-like atmosphere with marble floors and high design.

These can all contribute to the overall impression of your healthcare facility or practice. However, none of them matter (no matter how much money is spent) when the most intimate part of the patient experience is marred.

Think about this: The first thing many patients consider when they are given a gown is, “Who had this gown on before and what did they have? Is it clean?”

If that patient gown is torn, stained, scratchy, starchy or uncomfortable, all the cosmetic investments you made to your healthcare facility are wasted, because the gown in question has disrupted all positive patient impressions.

Providing your patients and staff with high-quality gowns and medical linens is one of the simplest things to enact, yet it’s also one of the most important ways to elevate the patient experience. The softness and cleanliness of these high-end gowns, robes and linens creates a level of patient comfort that’s uncommon at other healthcare practices. 

With garments that are soft, high quality, individually bagged and the right fit for the right procedure, your patients feel more secure knowing that your practice has their best interest and well-being at heart. And that’s the best way to increase patient satisfaction, win new customers and keep them for life. 

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