High-End Laundry Services: Behind The Scenes Of Patient Satisfaction

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Wed, Feb 05, 2014 @ 04:30 PM

A big differentiator between your health system and the competition is your patient retention rates. In fact, patient satisfaction has become such a key focus that many health systems and medical facilities are making operational and service changes to improve patient comfort and ensure a more positive outcome and experience.

Patient comfort begins with first impressions of your healthcare facility. That’s why cleanliness is such a big factor in positive patient perceptions. When you overlook the little details that contribute to a clean look and feel of your facility, patients notice, and their experience can be negative because of it.

That’s why, as the decision-maker at your facility, you should be providing your patients with the highest quality healthcare linens and garments – because it’s both comforting and reassuring to them.

But how do you know when you’re getting high-end medical linen laundry service? The following list what services and features ensure quality products that lead to an increase in patient satisfaction:

  • High Quality And Comfort: Your vendor offers a product line featuring the softest, most durable linens and garments
  • Individually-Bagged Garments: Gowns, robes and linens presented this way offer extra assurance to the patient and protects the product.
  • Cleaned And Sanitized: Linens and garments should go through an infection prevention process to ensure safety and reduce the spread of dangerous viruses
  • Bright White Standard: All linens come back from laundry process looking consistently white –there are no different shades of white or visible stains
  • Individual Inspection: To help prevent patients from receiving garments or linens with holes, stains, missing ties, etc.

The quality of the linens and garments is certainly a huge part of what’s being offered by high-end healthcare laundry services. What takes it to the next level is what happens behind the scenes, beyond thread counts and wash processes.

Your Customer Service Representative Is The Behind-The-Scenes Star

Only one person will see to all of your healthcare laundry needs: your customer service representative. High-end healthcare laundry services have customer reps that are not only accountable for getting the job done accurately and on time, they are willing to do whatever it takes to help you improve your practice.

A proactive customer service rep is your advocate, there to relieve you and your staff of linen worries so that you are able to put more focus where it matters most: on your patients. They also set the stage for your day, to ensure that you start fully stocked with inventory and clean sheets so you don’t have to scramble for what you need.

And because they understand your inventory needs (including staying within budget), they know how important it is to take extra steps and offer suggestions for streamlining invoicing and inventory, therefore providing the best possible products for your patients and staff.

High-End Healthcare Laundry Gives You Total Quality Assurance

High-end laundry services continually upgrade products and quality control services so your medical practice or healthcare system is never forced to provide patients with less-than-exceptional gowns, robes and linens. The best laundry vendor is consistently aware of what’s in your inventory, they have a staff in the laundering facility sanitizing and cleaning products properly, they are hand-inspecting garments, and they ensure products are sealed and/or bagged.  They are dedicated to not only meeting government-mandated standards, but also to exceed them wherever possible.

High-end medical laundry services have this comprehensive process in place to help create positive patient impressions, and are proactive on your behalf to offer innovative solutions that increase patient satisfaction.

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