Improve The Overall Impression of Health Systems With High-Quality Linen Services

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Tue, Feb 11, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

Patient satisfaction has become the number one concern in the future success of healthcare systems and medical practices, and a high-quality healthcare laundry service is a huge contributor in creating positive patient impressions.

The right medical laundry partner can help generate favorable feelings toward health systems or medical facilities. In fact:

Recent surveys completed by patients at several health systems showed high-quality patient gowns increased favorable impressions of the facility by more than 50% percent.    

As more and more medical practices become part of a health system, even one aspect that’s not focused squarely on promoting a comforting and sanitary experience for patients projects negatively on the whole health system.

Patient Impressions Begin Long Before They Ever See a Doctor

Millions and millions of dollars are spent on brick-and-mortar health system operations, yet if you’re providing gowns and linens of a cheaper quality, this can negatively impact patients’ comfort level and impressions of your facility.

The most impressive architecture and technology innovations are important aspects to the healthcare delivery experience today, but the most positive impression can come from the simplest step.  The first tangible indication of the care patients are going to receive begins in the exam room, when they are provided with a high-quality gown that wraps them in a soft sense of security as they prepare to deal with their health issues.

High-Quality Gowns Are Soft, Sanitary And Without Any Flaws

The right healthcare laundry partner provides a high-quality gown made of a soft, quality fabric. They are without any holes, stains, tears or missing ties. They are also individually bagged and sealed to ensure your patients that no one else has touched or used the gown, and that it’s been protected from contamination since being cleaned. When a patient is presented with a sealed and soft gown that exceeds their expectation, the facility creates a positive first impression that can contribute to increased patient satisfaction.

Another way that the right healthcare linen service ensures patient satisfaction is by the tone it sets for your staff. When your staff is wearing quality and clean scrubs and lab coats, they’ll look more professional, and likely be in a better mood – and that will reflect on the care they are likely to provide for patients. 

With a responsive medical linen service, there are few issues with inventory. There are always enough linens and garments for the staff when they need it so they are never left scrambling. The caregivers are also reassured by the fact that they can count on sheets, gowns or robes that will be clean and free of rips and stains.

Patient Impressions All Come Down To Assumptions

From a patient standpoint, there are only two ways to look at a healthcare system or facility: It’s either clean and sanitary, or dirty and riddled with germs.

If a patient has one bad experience in a health system, they’re likely to assume they’ll receive the same experience at other facilities in that system.  As a result, you can count on them sharing the bad experience with friends and family, and looking for another healthcare provider more focused on their well-being. 

It’s an easy equation: no matter how much a health system invests in its operations, one of the most important factors in patient satisfaction may be the simplest – the healthcare laundry service you choose.

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