3 Reasons Healthcare Laundry Services Are More Important Than Ever

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Tue, Feb 18, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Healthcare laundry services haven’t always been as important in terms of patient satisfaction as they are today. That’s because what you do to provide your patients with a remarkable experience is going to be the differentiator between you and your competitors.

These days, a patient’s impression of a healthcare facility plummets when they come into contact with flimsy, off-color gowns that don’t really feel comfortable or clean. This is within minutes of being at your facility, before the patient has come into contact with a doctor or any impressive technology you’ve recently implemented.

The following are three ways that healthcare laundry services improve patient satisfaction and protect your profitability:

    1.    Healthcare-Associated Infections & Changes In Reimbursement

      The cost of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a constant concern. HAIs are becoming a huge matter of financial survival for healthcare facilities and hospitals.

      Reimbursement is now being affected when it comes to quality patient impressions and outcomes. Healthcare practices, systems and doctors are reimbursed based on quality improvement measures and patient satisfaction scores: The top 1/3 of all health systems get a 1% increase to reimburse rates, while the bottom 1/3 of all health systems with poor survey scores receives a 1% decrease in reimbursement.

      With the right healthcare laundry service, you are assured of medical garments and linens that have gone through an extensive sanitizing wash process where bacteria are dead on contact.

        2.   Extra Layer Of Infection Prevention

          Exposure to HAIs are going to have a very negative impact on the safety and security of patients, and ultimately patient satisfaction. The safety and security of your patients is a major reason why healthcare laundry services are more important than ever.

          While hygienically clean healthcare laundry services are going to prevent the spread of HAIs, the safeguarding process is adding that extra layer of prevention… and patient satisfaction through peace of mind.

          For even more infection prevention, the right healthcare laundry service is going to ensure that every item delivered back to you is encased in a plastic wrap barrier from any possible contaminant while in transit.

            3.   Heavy Competition For Both Patients And Referrals

              Outpatient medical facilities of all kinds, from private practices to large health systems are growing fast. When the competition is so fierce for patient, referrals and – ultimately – loyalty, each patient’s initial experience matters.

              When building patient satisfaction and loyalty, their first experiences with your facility are crucial. A patient’s first impressions begin the second they enter the exam room, before they’ve ever even seen a doctor.

              When you partner with the right healthcare laundry service, they enable you to provide your patients with premium medical garments and linens, individually packaged gowns that are fresh, clean bright white and without any flaws. With that type of care, patient satisfaction is sure to increase.

              Is your current healthcare laundry service holding you back from getting the patient referrals and retention rates you need to surpass your competitors?

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