Medical Gowns That Alleviate Anxiety And Enhance Patient Experience

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Tue, Feb 25, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Regardless of the exam or procedure they’re about to encounter, when a patient walks through the front door of your healthcare facility, they do so with some level of discomfort and anxiety.

Patient anxiety arises from many sources: worry over the state of one’s health, the invasive nature of some exams, flimsy patient gowns or the cleanliness of your facility. The care and concern you show patients on a one-to-one level goes a long way, but imagine what more you could be doing to give them peace of mind during their visit…

There’s no question that patients feel fairly uncomfortable sitting on a cold exam table in scratchy paper gowns or old, thin medical gowns that look as though they’ve been worn countless times by people with varying degrees of sickness.

The inherent discomfort and anxiety patients feel before and during an examination or procedure are compounded when they have to wear a medical gown that’s:

  • Not properly cleaned or sanitized
  • Old and threadbare
  • Not fit for the procedure

With the right healthcare laundry service, you can eliminate these issues that may interfere with the patient experience and show them you really do care about their comfort.

Medical Gowns That Promote Patient Comfort Share Four Features:

1. Comfort – Instead of thin or scratchy medical gowns, offer patients gowns made of fabric that is soft and plush. There are many quality options today, from warm, soft fabrics to spa-inspired designs.

2. Fit – Who hasn’t had to put on a medical gown that leaves you exposed or uncomfortable? Offering patients gowns designed to prevent gaping and provide full coverage ensures their comfort.

3. Cleanliness – It’s hard to know if a medical gown is fresh and clean or if it’s been lying there on the exam table. Individually packaged gowns lets patients know that what they’re putting on their body has been laundered and sanitized.

4. Condition – If patient satisfaction is a priority, you should never give your patients dingy, stained medical gowns with holes or tears. Patients want to see crisp, bright gowns that look like they’ve never been worn before.

The Right Gown For The Right Procedure

Another way to improve patient comfort is to have a variety of medical gowns on hand designed for specific procedures and body types.

For example, when a woman goes in for a mammogram, there’s no need for her to be overexposed during what is already an uncomfortable exam. A quality medical gown features soft fabric and a full cut while providing plenty of coverage.

Your patients need to feel comfortable in order to receive an exceptional care experience. When your patients slip into a crisp, clean and soft patient gown, they experience comfort, satisfaction and confidence in your ability to care for their health.

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