Medical Linen Innovations Designed With The Patient Experience In Mind

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Tue, Mar 04, 2014 @ 09:00 AM
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If you’re just starting to adopt the idea that high-quality medical linens have a positive impact on patient satisfaction, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

Many managers at health systems and medical practices don’t yet fully realize that quality medical linens and apparel improve a patient’s perception of the care they receive.

It’s one small thing – creating more patient comfort through plush, hygienically clean medical linens and patient gowns – that enhances the exceptional care you give to your patients.

The Problem: Medical Linens Haven’t Made Many Advancements

To put it plainly, there haven’t been a lot of innovations in medical linens.

For a long time, the healthcare industry was putting patients and staff in 65%/35% cotton/poly blend. This blend would wear out over time. If new patient gowns or staff scrubs of the same type of material were added into a healthcare facility’s inventory months later, the new medical linens and garments would look like they were of a different quality and from a different manufacturer. The old ones became useless because, by contrast, they looked older and washed out.

Several years ago medical linens and garments shifted to 100% polyester products. As a fabric, polyester is cooler, more durable, colorfast and softer. Polyester has been introduced for patient gowns, scrubs, robes, pillowcases and sheets.

The only other change the healthcare industry has seen up to this point was the addition of more eye-pleasing colors for patient gowns.

The Solution:

The leaders in medical linen and healthcare laundry services understand that quality, cut and softness create patient comfort and contribute significantly to impression of a medical facility and lead to patient satisfaction.

Looking to the future, recent innovations for medical linens and garments feature designs aimed at improving the patient experience:

  • Patent gowns and scrubs are now made in women’s sizes, not just the unisex, one-size fits all.
  • Plush medical linens and garments feature high-quality fabric that is softer, warmer and cozier than previous products.
  • Spa-like, high-quality medical linens, patient gowns and robes have entered the marketplace -- particularly for women’s imaging centers.

Making patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible in invariably uncomfortable situations: this is the new wave of elevating the patient care experience.

When you provide your patients with unique, high-quality medical linens and garments, you are adding a level of exceptional care that also set you apart from other healthcare facilities.

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