Healthcare Laundry Services That Protect Your Facility’s Image

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Wed, Mar 12, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

healthcare laundry services tipsIn the past, the medical linen industry wasn’t really doing too much to help with your facility’s image. A general lack of innovation in healthcare laundry services – especially where quality, design and even inventory management are concerned – were leaving a lot to be desired by both patients and medical staff.

However, there’s a new way of thinking when it comes to healthcare laundry services that’s improving patient satisfaction and bringing seamless transactions to vendor partnerships. This high level of service, combined with quality medical linens and patient gowns, actually heightens a patient’s perception of your practice and keeps your facility running smoother than ever before.

The following five factors highlight what the leaders in healthcare laundry services are doing to help protect your medical facility’s image:

1.    Providing High-Quality Medical Linens And Garments

To receive a remarkable care experience, your patients need to feel comfortable. The leaders in healthcare laundry services are offering softer, plusher and warmer fabrics for patient gowns. These high-quality robes and gowns wrap your patients in comfort and put their minds at ease.

Your staff needs to look their best in order to improve your facility’s image. The best fabric for scrubs, in particular, is made of 100% polyester because the material is durable and colorfast. This means that the quality and appearance of your staff’s scrubs won’t dramatically devolve in appearance over time.

2.   Ensuring Quality Control For Medical Linens And Garments

The leaders in healthcare laundry services are going to have processes in place to ensure all medical linens, patient gowns and robes, medical staff scrubs and lab coats, are always returned to you in a flawless condition.

This quality control measure calls for hand-inspection of every garment, making sure medical linens and apparel are ironed and checked over for holes, stains, tears or missing ties. This attention to detail also accounts for healthcare laundry inventory being delivered to your facility with a consistently bright-white standard.

3.   Offering The Right Products For The Patient And Procedure

In the past, there were one-size-fits-all patient gowns that had to be worn by patients with every shape and body size. These traditional garments also didn’t take into account the demands of various medical procedures and exams that would benefit greatly from a better-designed cut.

Leaders in healthcare laundry services are providing fuller cut patient gowns to accommodate any body size, and feature body-conscious cuts that ensure your patients are always appropriately covered. Also featured in innovative products are patient gowns specially designed for specific procedures, such as mammography and other needs in women’s imaging.

4.   Packaging High-Quality Medical Linen In Sealed Bags

When it comes to protecting your healthcare facility’s image, cleanliness is a major factor in the patient experience. Leaders in healthcare laundry services go the extra mile to ensure a positive first impression for your patients.

Along with healthcare laundry that is clean and sanitized, your patients should be presented with a gown wrapped in an individually sealed bag. This plastic barrier creates another layer of protection. It also provides a great first impression because the patient knows it wasn’t worn that day, meaning it’s clean and safe from bacteria.

5.   Maintaining High-Quality Customer Services

When your facility has a strong healthcare laundry service providing a consistently high level of service, this ensures your practice has what you need when you need it. When your medical linens and patient gowns are sufficiently stocked and put away neatly, your staff is never scrambling for inventory or providing the wrong apparel for patients.

In the healthcare industry, image is everything. Because the patient experience begins before they ever see a doctor, the smaller details of your healthcare facility ultimately play a large role in how patients perceive the level of care they are about to receive.

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