5.5 Tips For Improving Your Patient Satisfaction Scores

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Wed, Mar 19, 2014 @ 09:00 AM
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Patient satisfaction surveys and ratings of medical facilities and practices are more important than ever. Gaining positive scores from patients ensure repeat business as the ratings your facility or practice receives stand to differentiate you from competitors for future success. However, these ratings are also tied to reimbursement.

In fact, Medicare reimbursements are decided based on the following ratio: 70% of the score is based on clinical performance and 30% is based on your patients’ perception of care quality.

Most patient satisfaction survey tools are multidimensional, so you need to tackle your facility’s patient satisfaction scores from many angles. The following 5.5 tips empower you to take control of how patients perceive your healthcare practice or facility.

    1.    Communicate The Details Of A Patient’s Visit

      When a patient enters your facility, especially for the first time, they have no idea what to expect. There’s almost nothing worse for a patient than sitting in an exam room staring at blank walls, having no idea what is going to happen … or when.

      Help ensure patient satisfaction by having your staff members explain what the visit entails, how long it may take and the general layout of the day, so the patient isn’t kept in the dark.

        2.   Be Attentive And Available

          Feeling ignored or forgotten while sitting on an exam table in a flimsy patient gown is one of the most frustrating experiences for patients. And yet, almost every person who’s been to a medical practice or facility has faced this scenario.

          A great way to enhance patient satisfaction is to be attentive and available. If you must leave a patient for an extended period of time, let them know how to reach someone if they need anything in the meantime.

          Well-trained and engaged nurses and physicians who are focused on caring for the patient convey a customer-first attitude.

            3.   Elevate Satisfaction Through Patient Comfort

              Sometimes, patient satisfaction comes down to details. A medical staff should always ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible when they are there for an examination, test or procedure.

              One of the most simple, but powerful, ways to improve patient comfort is by providing a high-quality patient gown or robe. Gowns and robes  should be made of a soft, plush fabric, the right fit for the right procedure, and clean with no stains or tears.

                4.   Keep Patients Warm

                  Hospitals and healthcare facilities generally keep the temperature lower than one would at home. Therefore, wearing only a thin patient gown means many of your patients are cold and uncomfortable as they wait in the exam room. This is definitely not a satisfying experience.

                  High-end healthcare facilities and practices have moved towards providing a patient gown or robe, along with soft warm blankets -- not just a patient gown. It’s a small gesture, a thoughtful detail that goes a long way in increasing patient satisfaction.                                                                                                            

                    5.   Ensure Cleanliness For Infection Prevention

                      Patient satisfaction is adversely affected when they see staff that is sloppy in cleanup, cutting corners with disposal, not wearing gloves or skirting around measures for maintaining a sanitized and protected environment.

                      The patient is able to see when medical staff is ultra-concerned about infection prevention and control measures, and when they’re not. To improve patient satisfaction, exam rooms should be pristinely clean and patient gowns should be provided in individually wrapped and sealed bags.

                      5.5.      Follow Up For A Complete Care Experience

                      Following up with a patient after their visit to your healthcare facility or practice is always appreciated and shows a dedication to providing a complete care experience. When patients walk out of the facility, check in on how they’re feeling and see if they have any questions or concerns.

                      Taking control of how patients perceive your healthcare practice or facility comes down to the finer details of attentiveness, cleanliness and patient comfort.

                      The right healthcare laundry service is capable of providing your patients and staff with medical linens and garments that are in perfect condition, soft, warm and wrapped for delivery to ensure infection prevention. 

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