How Medical Inventory Management Affects Patient Satisfaction

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Thu, Apr 03, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Your facility’s patient satisfaction scores essentially revolve around one key component: How a patient feels during their visit. Are your patients comfortable? Is there anything specific that is hindering or enhancing their comfort levels? These are the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis, striving to do everything possible to maximize patient comfort and perfect the patient experience.76946365

Now, let us ask you another question: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your facility’s medical inventory management? Do you have an efficient system that provides a seemingly endless supply of freshly sanitized linens, uniforms and patient gowns? Is your staff always provided with sparkling white lab coats and neatly pressed scrubs, and are your patients always provided with freshly laundered blankets and gowns?

Overall, are you confident in the efficiency and reliability of your medical inventory management system? If not, it might be a good idea to circle back and study the impacts of a faulty inventory system on patient satisfaction.

Lab Coats And Scrubs
Your staff needs to be dressed appropriately and professionally at all times. Your patients don’t want to see their doctor in a lab coat that’s three sizes too small, or a nurse in scrubs that display several unidentifiable stains. Those visuals simply do not enhance a patient’s comfort level. Instead, they make your patients even more uncomfortable than they already are, and arouse questions like, “Does this facility run an adequate laundry service?” or, even worse, “Is this facility a sanitary, sterilized environment?”

You work hard to improve every aspect of your facility, every day – you don’t want your patients questioning the overall cleanliness of it. A proactive inventory approach ensures a sufficient amount of consistently clean medical uniforms in all sizes, all the time.

Linens And Blankets
Your sheets must not only appear clean and sanitized, they must be clean and sanitized. Just as with a torn scrub or an ill-fitted lab coat, linens that are soiled in any way are going to induce discomfort, and possibly panic, among your patients. Even if your linens have been properly laundered, any lingering stains or musty discoloring is going to seriously reduce, not enhance, patient comfort.

With a proactive inventory approach in place, you make cleanliness a top priority – you make sure any ripped, stained, or even slightly discolored linens are replaced with cleans and wrapped linens.

Patient Gowns/Robes
Your patients are in an unfamiliar environment, surrounding by unfamiliar people – half of whom are battling some sort of illness - and the temperature in a medical facility needs to be consistently cold. This is not necessary the picture of comfort. Your patients are going to hope for high-quality, freshly sanitized gowns that don’t have them questioning the intimate history behind the garment they’re wearing.

Your patient satisfaction scores are driven by much more than exceptional medical treatment. For your patients to reach an outstanding comfort level, they need to feel comfortable about every element they see and experience within your facility. This includes the medical uniforms, linens and gowns your facility provides. Proactive management of your medical linens and laundry is essential in maintaining clean, sufficient supplies of every garment or linen your facility needs. Contact a quality healthcare laundry service now to start building an effective approach to inventory management of your medical linens and laundry.

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