How The Right Medical Linen Company Increases Positive Patient Perception

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

patient comfortYour medical facility runs on high-wired energy all day, every day. Doctors and nurses have countless number of patients to visit, diagnose and treat before the day’s end. From your point of view, time is always of the essence. From the patient’s point of view, time is of the essence as well … but the overall quality of care and experience they receive at your facility is more important.  The end result is that in today’s healthcare environment, patient perception is paramount.   

Whereas you oversee most operations and tend to view things from the inside out, your patients see your facility from the outside in. Because they spend much of their time sitting and waiting, they are in a position to catch subtleties that you may not even be aware of – subtleties that can contribute to a negative or positive perception.

A torn uniform, a stained lab jacket, dirty bed sheets – none of these escape the inquisitive eyes of patients awaiting treatment. To prevent negative comments about your facility from appearing in an online review, you need to take a closer look at how your patients perceive you.

Switching Perspectives

Imagine yourself as a patient looking into the practices and processes of the medical facility. You see professional medical personnel pass by every minute. You don’t know them or their responsibilities within the practice, but you see them. You look at them closely and ask yourself:

“Are they scrambling to get what they need, or are they calm and ready to help?”

“Are they dressed professionally in clean scrubs and uniforms?”

“Are they attentive to my needs?”

Your patients notice details that may seem minor amidst your hectic schedule. They are keenly aware of your facility’s cleanliness and preparedness, and are therefore affected by it to a greater degree than, say, your staff. After all, patient perception is one of the biggest defining factors of patient satisfaction.

Here’s two ways to guarantee positive patient perception of your facility from the people who will ultimately determine its ongoing success:

Quality Linens And Gowns

Studies have shown that high-quality linens and hospital gowns have improved patients’ overall impression of a facility. Patients appreciate a practice that goes above and beyond the “expected” (a revealing, threadbare hospital gown). To you, a soft, plush hospital gown or bright white linens might not carry much significance. But always remember to put yourself in your patients’ shoes. To them, it’s not just a freshly sanitized blanket or an individually-bagged, high-quality gown – it’s a facility exceeding expectations and pushing for patient satisfaction in all aspects of the healthcare system.

Cleanliness that Reassures

Patients don’t pick up visibly stained gowns or faded blankets without being disappointed or negatively impacted.  They have a knack for spotting unhygienic practices. Ensure all gowns and linens are not only properly cleaned and sanitized, but that they are also presented in sealed packaging or plastic.  After all, the last thing you want is for the patient to wonder if that gown is clean! Just the question of whether or not they’ve been given a properly cleaned hospital gown, let alone actually wearing one, is enough to make patients cringe. This doesn’t encourage positive patient perception nor does it help ensure patient comfort, the two most defining factors in patient satisfaction.

Your Best Solution Is a Quality Partner

Team up with a professional and reliable medical laundry service. These medical linen launderers take patient perception seriously and don’t allow any room for dissatisfied patients. Here’s how top-notch, professional medical linen partners ensure consistently pleased patients:

  • They deliver consistently clean linens and apparel that was laundered and sanitized to the highest standards in the industry, so patients never come in contact with linens with something they have to question.
  • The gowns are individually-wrapped. This offers patients peace of mind that what they’re wearing has never been worn before and, if it has, it’s been sufficiently laundered.
  • They refuse to provide damaged materials. They are dedicated healthcare launderers and quality inspectors who toss any uniforms or linens that are ripped, stained, soiled, missing parts, etc., and replace with brand new ones.
  • They ensure constant upkeep of all your uniforms and patient garments, and make sure your inventory has the right sizes for your staff needs and patient loads. 

Patient perception is not something to put on the back burner. Part of ensuring patient satisfaction is being aware of patient perception and making sure that it’s constantly positive. A professional medical laundry partner helps you accomplish this by providing clean, comfortable linens, gowns, robes and uniforms, ensuring that none of your patients are exposed to unhygienic standards within your facility.

Ready to dissect patient perception in more detail and start improving the patient experience with cost-effective solutions? Click below to download our free guide, 7.5 Ways To Dramatically Improve Patient Satisfaction, and discover how healthcare laundry services can contribute to the future success of your medical practice, or connect directly with one of our Customer Advocates by calling 1-800-408-0370.


7.5 Ways To Dramatically Improve Patient Satisfaction