Improving Patient Perception With Patient Robes: A Case Study

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Tue, May 27, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

Eastside Medical improved patient perceptionPatient perception is an important aspect of your medical facility: A patient who perceives you poorly has a negative view of the care you're providing – and of the entire experience with your facility. Unfortunately, outpatient facilities are often a source of significant stress for patients. Extensive testing and diagnostics are already uncomfortable, and providing ill-fitting, rough or threadbare patient gowns only increases the level of discomfort. This is a quick way to see patient satisfaction plummet.

Switching to high quality, soft and cozy patient robes leads to immediate improvements in patient perception, which translates to a more positive overall patient experience with your medical facility. Here is a real-life example of how patient robes provided a medial facility with a quick boost in patient comfort, perception and satisfaction.

Eastside Medical Center: A Brief Overview

Eastside Medical Center is a 310-bed inpatient/outpatient facility in Snellville, Georgia, with two imaging centers, 450 physicians and an annual load of 10,567 inpatients and 8,417 outpatients.

Having always been focused on patient perception and comfort, A.V. Hannah, Eastside Medical’s Director of Environmental Sciences, became concerned when complaints arose about the quality of his facility's patient gowns and robes. He decided to try a softer, more comfortable option: the ImageFIRST Comfort CareSM line of plush patient robes.

The Results

A.V. Hannah expected patients to be pleased, but he never imagined the incredible response he received from them. Surveys measured patient perception at two of the outpatient facilities – first with the existing patient robes and then again after switching to the new Comfort Care patient robes. Patient perception immediately soared after the switch to the Comfort Care robes, with a 500% increase in patients reporting a favorable impression of Eastside Medical. Patients had glowing reviews of the Comfort Care line, with some expressing that the robes made them feel more like they were spending a day at the spa than at a medical facility. A few survey respondents even commented, "I wish I had one of these robes at home!"

The Hidden Benefits

While improving patient perception was the main motivation behind the switch to ImageFIRST, Eastside Medical also reaped several additional benefits:

  • Inventory Management: When Eastside Medical orders 100 patient gowns, it needs 100 patient gowns. But A.V. Hannah reported that his former healthcare linen provider would frequently send far fewer garments than he had ordered, leaving him scrambling to find a solution. Now, ImageFIRST keeps up with Eastside Medical's changing inventory needs and supplies exactly what they need, when they need it.
  • Specialization: Eastside Medical Center is home to a Mother-Baby Unit and two imaging centers. A.V. knew that one-size-fits-all wasn't the right approach to patient gowns, despite its popularity in other medical facilities. ImageFIRST offered the ability to choose a variety of Comfort Care products for all of his facilities and customize them with an embroidered Eastside Medical logo.
  • Quality Control: Eastside Medical's former gown and linen provider had minimal, ineffective quality assurance checks in place. In fact, much of the quality control was handled by the Eastside Medical staff: they'd find rips and stains on the incoming garments and cycle out worn inventory themselves. ImageFIRST, however, guarantees the quality of its linens, checking all garments before they're delivered. With a commitment to exceptional customer experience, ImageFIRST knows quality control isn't the responsibility of the medical facility.
  • Linen Transport: When the time came for Eastside Medical to have its medical linens cleaned, one of A.V. Hannah's staff members was tasked with transporting the soiled linens to the laundry facility. A.V. needed his staff to focus on more important tasks, like keeping the Eastside Medical facility running and ensuring patient comfort. ImageFIRST handles pickup and delivery of all linens and garments, so A.V. and his remarkable team were able to spend more time providing the exceptional care their patients count on.

The switch to the Comfort Care line of patient robes and gowns resulted in immediate and dramatic improvements in patient perception for Eastside Medical Center. With such remarkable results, it's no wonder why A.V. Hannah brought the robes to his Mother-Baby Unit, and the Comfort Care mammogram gowns to his imaging center: "The product’s done wonders for our patient satisfaction, and I'm trying to bring ImageFIRST to more of our facilities."

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