Maximize Your Surgical Scrubs Inventory To Minimize Costs & Headaches

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Wed, Aug 13, 2014 @ 03:59 PM

86526856Surgical scrubs are always in demand. They’re a staple due to comfort and simplicity, and these benefits never go out of style.

Staff members may wear scrubs home and forget to bring them back, or family members could request a set of scrubs, and it’s gone forever. Many times and for many reasons, the stock of surgical scrubs disappears and leaves the medical facility staff scrambling. Besides causing staff headaches, a mismanaged linen inventory is guaranteed to instill a poor impression on patients if staff appears in ill-fitting or visibly unclean scrubs. In medical facilities, maintaining a sufficient stock of linens is a costly issue – both financially and for your reputation.

While it’s true that medical linen inventory management is easily handled through reliable healthcare laundry services, maximizing inventory is essential for every medical facility.

Follow these inventory management tips to avoid a struggle for scrubs:

1. Schedule and perform a regular inventory assessment to account for medical scrubs, linens and gowns. If, for example, you perform an inventory analysis that reveals a 7% loss of inventory per month, you know to stock an extra 7% or more in order to account for disappearances and keep your medical linen inventory at the necessary level.

2. Anticipate scrubs loss and introduce new ones on a regular basis. Historically, medical facilities have experienced a 5-10% loss of medical linens yearly. So proactively pad your product stock and anticipate inventory fluctuations.

3. Document the number of surgical scrubs picked up by your medical linen provider to ensure that it replaces whatever it takes away.

4. Base inventory numbers on staff and periodically check for changes in order to account for medical linen quantity and size availability.

The consequences of failing to maintain sufficient surgical scrubs inventory are numerous. A properly managed linen inventory is a crucial puzzle-piece in patient satisfaction. Alleviate staff stress, improve patient perception and avoid supply problems by maintaining a constant awareness of medical linen inventory levels.

Healthcare laundry and linen management does not have to be a burden. Follow the tips above to stay on top of inventory levels and never get caught in a shortage. If you’re looking for professional assistance, try partnering with a medical linen company with a reputation for helping medical facilities save money and keep employees and patients happy through the implementation of best-practice inventory controls.

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