How Expert Medical Laundry Services Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Thu, Aug 28, 2014 @ 06:48 PM

87696600The best medical laundry specialists provide more than just expert cleaning, delivery and inventory management services – more than just high-quality, sanitized medical linens. The best medical laundry services enhance your good reputation and improve your bottom line through value-added monitoring and proactive communication.

Partner with a medical laundry company that:

1. Ensures medical linen supply matches patient loads.
Supply equals demand – always. As patient influx changes due to seasonality, so does your need for medical linens. Proactive communication between you and your medical laundry provider should account for changes in patient load.

Premier medical laundry services identify your busiest times of the year and proactively communicate with you to prep medical linen inventory levels. For example, orthopedic and outpatient surgery centers slow down from July to August, but they experience higher patient traffic from September to October due to sports-related injuries. As patient load decreases, so does revenue. The cost should be accounted for and an adjustment made in linen supply.

2. Adjusts product needs to match staffing changes and time-off requests.
Increases and decreases in staff influence your need for medical scrubs. Good medical laundry services account for staff changes and decrease spending as your needs change. Medical laundry specialists monitor and adjust your supply of garments, linens and scrubs so you don’t have to.

3. Accounts for disappearing medical scrubs.
In medical linen inventory management, scrub attrition requires a replenishment formula so your day-to-day operations remain unaffected. Proactive monitoring of inventory levels ensures that your supply of linens never runs out. This is a crucial aspect of truly effective inventory management.

4. Provides online access to linen inventory levels and costs.
Your time is short, and your needs are great. Online access to weekly billing information means you are able to check current linen costs in an instant, analyze historical inventory levels and track your budget. Transparency is an important value proposition for any outpatient service provider shopping for a healthcare laundry company.

5. Demonstrates real value for pricing.
Too many medical facilities get hung up on price without seeing how linen inventory is being managed to maximize inventory and minimize cost. It’s important to remember that low price does not equal low cost. A cost-management equation from an industry-leading medical laundry service combines fair unit pricing, balanced inventory management, a transparent billing system and flat-rate billing. Your chosen provider should help you manage budget costs at a high level.

You deserve a medical laundry company that maintains laser focus on your needs as they arise. Streamlined inventory management enables you to spend more time on the things that matter most, like caring for your patients and improving their satisfaction.

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