Reduce Stress & Interruptions With Instant Healthcare Laundry Service

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Wed, Sep 03, 2014 @ 12:51 PM

185910257A steady stream of patient visits strains your supply of medical gowns. Or staff members return from leave to a low supply of surgical scrubs. In both scenarios, you need linens … now. So you call your healthcare laundry service rep but receive a voicemail message. A medical linen inventory emergency should never unfold this way.

Redirect Unnecessary Stress

You don’t have time for interrupted workflows, and you don’t need the excess stress. Plus, linen supply emergencies contribute to negative patient perception.

Your linen supply emergencies deserve an instant service solution. There’s no other way around it.

As a healthcare facility or medical practice, you deserve:

  • A healthcare laundry service that promises linen delivery in a pinch so your practice runs as smoothly as possible

  • A live respondent in emergency situations to avoid automated prompts and achieve faster service

  • A steady linen supply for uncompromised patient care

When your medical practice finds itself in an emergency linen supply situation that compromises patient care and adds stress to your staff, you need a responsive medical laundry service – one that enables your staff to refocus their energy on caring for patients, not worrying about linens.

Connect Directly To Reps With ImageFIRST Instant Service

Is your current medical laundry company meeting the demands of your facility?

Medical laundry specialists like ImageFIRST recognize the importance of having proactive measures for responding to medical facilities and using technology to help them cope with supply emergencies.

The ImageFIRST Instant Service App grants you access to a direct line of contact with a response team for an unprecedented level of emergency service 24/7/365.

4 Service Options For Fast And Reliable Emergency Service

  • Tap the ImageFIRST icon on your phone to open the app.

  • Push the instant connect app button to access the contact screen.

  • From there, choose to contact 1.) the Service Manager, 2.) the General Manager, 3.) the 24/7 Customer Information Center, or 4.) email us.

Care staff should never be stressed out about a supply shortage. You have enough to worry about while caring for your patients, so allow your linen provider to worry about your linen supply.

Avoid the consequences associated with consistently low inventory levels. Partner with a medical laundry company that uses proactive measures to respond to emergency linen situations.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Click below to download our Instant Service App and be able to connect with an ImageFIRST Customer Advocate whenever you need emergency service or same-day medical linen rescue. Or, call us directly at 1.800.408.0370.

Install The Instant Service App