4.5 Ways Your Healthcare Facility Is Mismanaging Linen Inventory

Posted by Joe Geraghty on Wed, Sep 10, 2014 @ 01:46 PM
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Is your healthcare facility exercising inventory management excellence

Be honest with yourself, your staff and your patients, and be aware of the common oversights associated with inventory mismanagement in order to avoid shortages and negative patient perception.

  • Problem #1: Having too much product on hand because inventory is not managed according to patient loads and linen needs.You may be getting a cheap price on medical linens, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to low costs. If your current healthcare laundry service is not proactively managing inventory, and you consistently have too much product on hand, you’re spending unnecessarily.

  • Problem #2: Not ensuring that the gowns, scrubs and other medical linens listed on your invoice have been stocked in your healthcare facility.

    Check to see that you receive exactly what you’re being billed for. Depending on what kind of arrangement you have with your healthcare linen provider, you want to be certain that whatever it picks up is fully replaced.

  • Problem #3: Not accounting for patient load increases or decreases during seasonal patterns (e.g., end-of-year patient increase due to people using medical savings accounts, or during September and October when there’s a rise in sports-related injuries as athletes return to school sports).

    Some vendors may keep charging for additional linens, gowns and scrubs even though your facility doesn’t need the extra inventory. So be sure that your inventory is adjusted during the seasonal period when your patient load slows. 

  • Problem #4: Not maintaining proper levels of facility-vendor communication.

    If the vendor and the facility aren’t proactive in keeping each other informed of important changes or practice developments (e.g., seasonal patient load needs, staff changes, addition of new doctors, introduction of new products), the relationship isn’t going to be as efficient or effective as it should be.

  • Problem #4.5: Lacking an emergency and instant service option when high-traffic volumes demand higher-than-average linen usage.

    You have a healthcare facility to run. There’s no time to scramble to fill the gaps in your inventory of linens and scrubs. When you need linens, you need them fast. Otherwise, the perception of your practice and your patient’s satisfaction are at risk.

If you’re facing any of the above mismanagement issues or having trouble managing linen inventory, you need an expert to evaluate your laundry usage and design the right program to fit your facility's needs. A professional medical laundry service provider ensures that you always have an ample amount of patient gowns and surgical scrubs on hand, making adjustments to your inventory in response to patient load and staffing changes at your facility.

Check out the basics of effective medical linen inventory management. When you’re ready to streamline your inventory management process, click below to contact the professionals at ImageFIRST, or call us directly at 1.800.408.0370 to start receiving valuable service today.

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