ImageFIRST Celebrates the Holiday Season by Giving Back to the Community

Posted by ImageFIRST on Fri, Dec 30, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

During the holiday season, we spend lots of time thinking about buying gifts for friends and loved ones, but it is also an important time of the year to give back. At ImageFIRST, giving back to the community is a huge part of who we are and is at the heart of our purpose.

Every quarter, each ImageFIRST location collaborates with local organizations to help friends and neighbors. We know that in order to be a truly great company, we must make a positive impact on everyone around us, including our associates, our community, our customers, and their patients.

This past quarter, our New Jersey and New York offices were particularly active in their communities. Here are some of the local charitable events that they recently participated in:

Pocono Health Medical

The ImageFIRST New Jersey and New York teams partnered with Pocono Health Medical to donate essential linen items to a homeless shelter at Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church, located in East Stroudsburg, PA. The items that they gave included blankets, washcloths, towels and pillowcases.

Summit Medical

We had a particularly exciting opportunity to partner with one of our clients, Summit Medical, to assist with their annual coat drive that they held for a local pantry. After Summit Medical collected the coats, we picked them up and cleaned them, with each one individually wrapped and placed on a hanger. The pantry was very pleased when our partner presented them with fresh, clean coats, which will keep people warm through the cold winter months ahead.

Celebrating Our Veterans

Our New Jersey and New York teams worked with one of our Virtua client locations to aid an organization called Celebrating Our Veterans, which aims to assist veterans and their families, including those who are disadvantaged and homeless. ImageFIRST donated 15 comforters to the organization, which they hope will help the people receiving them to sleep a little easier at night.

ImageFIRST is committed to providing quality healthcare linen rental and laundry services to over 6,000 healthcare facilities across the United States and Puerto Rico, while keeping community service close to our hearts. To learn more about the wonderful charities we have partnered with over the years, visit