ImageFIRST: Keeping Track of Your Linen, One Scan at a Time

Posted by ImageFIRST on Wed, Dec 27, 2017 @ 09:46 AM

Recently, at a New Jersey health system, one of our customers noticed that some of their ImageFIRST patient robes were missing. This affected their inventory and made linen management difficult. But thanks to some creativity on the part of ImageFIRST, the customer was able to recover their missing inventory without a hassle.

Our client, a breast center within the health system, typically orders a certain amount of Comfort Care robes. Because of their superior softness, comfort, and warmth, Comfort Care robes are unique and incredibly popular with patients and providers - so much so, that other departments of the health system started using them without the breast center or ImageFIRST knowing.

To help our customer retrieve the missing robes, ImageFIRST Customer Advocate Jay Blumenfeld used our exclusive UHF RFID garment scanners and took a little extra time searching for them.

UHF RFID Technology

Each ImageFIRST Comfort Care Plush Robe has a UHF RFID chip inside of it. These chips are scanned with a handheld scanner to identify soiled robes and keep a detailed and accurate inventory of robes for every client

With a simple scan, we can locate every ImageFIRST Comfort Care robe.

Tracking Down The Missing Robes

Jay Blumenfeld, went on a mission to find the robes that other departments of the health system had borrowed. Jay went down into the main hospital’s soil room, an area of the building that ImageFIRST employees don’t typically visit, to scan the linen. Without having to root through the soiled linen, he was able to quickly identify the missing robes with a simple scan. All of the missing robes were recovered from the soiled linen bins in the hospital.

Keeping Your Linen Where it Belongs - With You!

With ImageFIRST’s UHF RFID technology, we can make sure that “walking” Comfort Care gowns and scrubs are found and promptly returned to their rightful places. After all, we are more than a just a “vendor.” We form partnerships with our customers to help them manage all inventory - no matter where it is.

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