Putting A Little Heart Into Our Team Building Practices

Posted by ImageFIRST on Wed, Mar 29, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

At ImageFIRST, our team is also our family. Spending hours upon hours each week with our fellow associates, we look to strengthen our bonds with one another to further grow our capabilities. At the heart of our purpose is our associates, the people who work to provide the healthcare industry with linen service that changes how patients see the facilities they receive care in.

A team, once built, needs to be given reason to grow. At ImageFIRST we pride ourselves on putting the right people in the right places and then giving them a reason to build bonds with the people they work beside.

Team building exercises give our associates new topics of discussion, positive goals to focus on and an assurance that ImageFIRST cares about them on an individual level. Dozens of times a year, ImageFIRST teams are out contributing to their local communities, donating their time and resources to nonprofits and other worthy causes in their area.

“Who we are - our Values and our Purpose - defines how we do business. We believe that prioritizing our associates creates engagement, a strong culture, and in turn, remarkable service to our customers.” - Magali Tranié, Director of Marketing

For Valentine’s Day, ImageFIRST New York and New Jersey engaged in a team building activity that was a bit different from the most recent ones. Themed around Valentine’s Day, the concept was simple: Encourage associates to create Valentine’s cards to be posted in the plant hallway. Tweaking the common approach to the holiday, the messages in the cards weren’t aimed at one person but instead toward the entire ImageFIRST team.

Dubbed “Art with the Heart,” each shift participated in the event, covering the walls with warm messages of care and camaraderie. Associates, keeping spirits high, presented the Plant Manager and Service Manager with a birthday celebration and homemade cake. Valentine’s Day at ImageFIRST New York and New Jersey was special for everyone.

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