The Role of an Assistant General Manager

Posted by ImageFIRST on Fri, Jul 08, 2016 @ 05:51 PM

At ImageFIRST, we pride ourselves on delivering quality products to the healthcare facilities that we partner with, but there are other things we’re proud of. We enable our associates to do meaningful work and grow at every level in our organization. We work as a team not only to manage the tasks at hand but to anticipate any and all of the ones we see coming. We facilitate learning and growth for every single employee, regardless of where they see themselves going in the future.

This month, we’d like to highlight the role of the Assistant General Manager, as we are currently have an opening in our northern New Jersey office.

Our AGMs possess bachelor’s degrees or equivalent experience and are proficient in the general computer programs necessary in the modern workplace. More than paper qualifications, they walk the walk, being able to manage organizational and developmental tasks while still able to present their work in descriptive ways. They analyze sales opportunities, determining the needs of current and prospective customers to maximize the value that we can offer.

Our Assistant General Managers possess the kind of leadership skills that our associates can rally behind, practicing what they preach and working on an interpersonal level with those in need of help or guidance.  They are detail-oriented, creative problem solvers with excellent communicative abilities, conveying their needs clearly through any medium.

They hire and develop departmental support staff, finding the best candidates for open positions. They ensure that all staff is properly trained with certifications that are up-to-date. They report on their teams and manage performance standards to ensure that they are encouraging the right kind of productivity. They support sales, production, service and the guidance of administration, always holding associates to the highest standards set by the company.

At ImageFIRST, an Assistant General Manager supports the company in meaningful ways that get the best out of everyone. We need everyone on our team to work together, and so far, they’ve done an impressive job, allowing us to become the leading medical linen provider in the country. To learn more about our company or to apply to our recent opening for an Assistant General Manager, visit