Introducing a gown with a cause.

How a maternity gown helps pediatric cancer research.


At the heart of the ImageFIRST Purpose are our communities, our customers, and their patients. We participate in community giving events all year long throughout the country, sometimes in conjunction with our healthcare facilities customers.

This time, we wanted to take our charitable contributions a step further.

With the launch of our new Comfort Care maternity gown, we decided to augment our community support. Now, every time a hospital decides to get the new Comfort Care maternity gown for their Mother & Baby unit as part of an ImageFIRST linen program, we will donate to pediatric cancer research!

We have partnered with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer through the Sunshine Project, the Foundation’s collaborative research initiative.

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By partnering with doctors and researchers from the country’s top institutions, the Sunshine Project is fast‐tracking the development of new drugs and therapies that will ultimately lead to the cure of childhood cancers. For more information, visit

Why is this important?

  • Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease among children.
  • 43 children per day are expected to be diagnosed with cancer.
  • Only 4% of the billions of dollars that are spent annually on cancer research and treatments are directed
  • towards treating childhood cancer.
  • More than 95% of those who survive childhood cancer will have a significant health related issue by the time they are 45 as a result of being treated with drugs designed for adults.

The NPCF has received a perfect 100% score for financial health and transparency and is recognized as the top‐rated cancer charity in the U.S. by Charity Navigator.

NPCF Infographic

Find out more about supporting this great organization.

Learn more about our community giving initiatives at Find out more information about the new Comfort Care maternity gown.