COVID-19: Our Response & Resources

ImageFIRST associates are healthcare workers, and we provide a mission critical service to our clients; and patients’ lives depend on our ability to provide our products and service. We intend to do everything possible to ensure the safety of our associates; while continuing to provide our clients with the products they depend upon to care for those in need.

Our Promise to Health Safety

ImageFIRST complies with all state and local vaccination regulations. We want to assure you that the ImageFIRST associates who service your facility will meet the vaccination requirements of your health system or medical practice.

Here's what we are doing to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) for our associates, our communities, our customers and their patients:

Focusing on Patients & Healthcare Workers SafetyPrioritizing Our Associates' Health & Safety, AlwaysEnsuring We Meet Our Customers’ NeedsResponding to Healthcare Providers’ Linen NeedsTaking the Time to be Grateful for All Healthcare WorkersCommunicating & Inviting You to Stay Connected With Us

Patients & Healthcare Workers Safety

We are excited to announce our laundering is effective against COVID-19
The wash formula agent used in ImageFIRST’s Triple BioShield Protection process is Ecolab®’s AdvaCare™ Disinfectant, which is the first laundry disinfectant and oxidizer to receive the U.S. Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) Emerging Viral Pathogen claim as effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

Increase Your Staff and Patients’ Safety with Laundry Solutions from ImageFIRST
Our fully managed linen rental and laundry programs have always come with comprehensive infection prevention that exceeds standards and may help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. We then added some precautionary guidelines for linens that may potentially have been exposed to COVID-19.

Our Associates' Safety

Increasing Healthcare Workers’ Safety Starts with Our Associates
No matter what, we must make sure we do everything we can to help healthcare workers save lives - and we cannot do that unless we put the safety and health of our customers and our associates first. We proactively took additional steps to ensure increased safety for our associates and minimize their risk of exposure.

Our Customers’ Needs

Weeks ago, we took the proactive steps necessary to ensure uninterrupted service of sanitized linen and staff apparel to our customers nationwide -- all while keeping staff safe.

Small healthcare providers who qualify for the federal PPP loan program under the CARES Act may find the following information helpful.

Healthcare Providers’ Linen Needs

For months, we've been able to respond to permanent or temporary linen needs of our customers and other healthcare providers not currently serviced by ImageFIRST, including:

To All Healthcare Workers: Thank You!

We are humbled and honored to work alongside amazing healthcare heroes.

Stay Connected With Us

This is a rapidly evolving situation and we will continue to communicate as necessary.