Imaging/Breast Center Linen Program

Are you interested in improving the patient experience?

This new era of consumer-centric healthcare is defined by the increasing importance of not only providing excellent care, but also delivering a superior patient experience. And that experience is made up of many details: great care, of course, a clean facility, naturally, but did you know that something as small as the right patient gown can also have a huge impact?

Just imagine: a world where the quintessential gown that doesn’t quite cover everything no longer exists. Where your patients receive sheets and a gown that you’d be proud to give to your loved one. A world where a gown can redefine a patient’s expectations.

That’s why we offer your imaging and breast centers luxurious twill sheets and bath towels, along with our exclusive premium Comfort Care® gowns with a fabric so soft and cozy, you have to touch to believe. With styles designed for mammography, cardiology, imaging, OB/GYN and more, the Comfort Care gowns are guaranteed to increase patient perception of your facility.

In a nationwide survey of over 1,000 patients, their perception of the healthcare facility increased by at least 50% when they switched to the Comfort Care line.

Find out about our quality linen and exclusive line of premium gowns for the coziest patient comfort:

  • Exclusive, remarkably cozy Comfort Care® gowns
    • Mammo gown
    • Reversible full coverage gowns
    • Robe-style gown
    • IV gown with telemetry pocket
    • Robe
  • Luxurious flat and fitted twill sheets and pillow cases
  • Plush fleece blankets
  • Luxurious towels: bath, hand, and washcloth

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