Medical Waste Disposal

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services by ImageFIRST


State legislation requires all healthcare facilities to be responsible for their medical waste, including proper packaging, labeling and timely disposal. Staying current on state regulations can be time consuming and confusing.

Don’t let that corner you into a high-priced and low-service contract with the big guys. ImageFIRST’s regulated medical waste disposal services give you:

Fair Pricing
You only get charged for what is picked-up, as seen in your easy-to-read invoices. There are no set monthly charges and no extra fees for emergency pick-ups.

Hassle-Free Service
Your friendly Customer Advocate will seal and label all boxes picked-up, and set up the new box for you. We offer flexible scheduling designed to fit your needs. Additionally, you get direct access to us, just in case you need fast service for unforeseen emergency requests.

Peace of Mind
Our program offers cradle to grave processing and is fully compliant with state and federal regulations, which we continuously monitor. Your Customer Advocate is BBP, OSHA and HIPAA trained.

Cradle to Grave Processing
Regulations surrounding medical waste disposal to destruction are strict and complex, and it is your responsibility to follow them. ImageFIRST helps you with a proprietary barcode system that tracks your medical waste from pickup to destruction – this is called “cradle to grave.” This tracking ensures your waste is handled safely and efficiently.

Compliant Process
All supplies we provide for the proper packing and transportation of regulated medical waste are compliant with current state, federal and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Types of Removals

  • Sharps Disposal Service
  • Medical Waste Disposal Service

For more information about what each type of medical waste is, visit

Bundle Your Medical Waste and Linen to Save!

We have built our reputation as the industry leader by putting our customers first. We strive to be your partner in managing your linen inventory and medical waste removal so your staff can focus on what really matters: compassionate, quality patient care. Contact us today to find out how our professional service teams can make your life easier by consolidating your services.

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Regular Medical Waste Services are currently available in select areas in Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. For details about our coverage, visit our locations page.