Is Your Infection Prevention Plan Complete?

Proper Linen Management for a Comprehensive Plan

Reducing the occurrences of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in your medical facility requires a comprehensive infection prevention plan. While health systems and medical offices nationwide prioritize combating HAIs in a variety of ways, linen are not always bundled into their annual infection control plans. 

Are you partnering with a laundry service dedicated to upholding sanitation standards necessary for the healthcare industry?

Bacteria are constantly infiltrating medical facilities, putting your patients and staff at risk. Find out 3 questions you can ask, and learn how your facility should be regulating its linens for a solid protection plan against harmful pathogens.

Read the ImageFIRST’s complimentary guide "3 Questions To Determine If Your Infection Prevention Plan Is Complete" for more information. 

Complete your infection prevention plan today: