How Gowns Can Increase Patient Perception


Do your gowns increase your patients' perception of your facility? 

Ours will. We guarantee it.

You've always know the quintessential ill-fitting patient gown, long mocked by popular media and cartoonists alike, to be one of the more unpleasant details of someone's experience. Scratchy fabric, uncovered backside, see-through apparel is just the beginning.

But you won't be ready for how much of an affect a nicer gown can have on patients.

In this featured white paper, "Minor Change, Major Impact: How Patient Gowns and Robes Affect Patient Perception", we partnered with facilities across the nation to measure the impact that switching to our exclusive Comfort Care® line of patient gowns and robe had on patient perception.

The results were staggering, showing that sometimes, the simplest switch can have the most impact.

Read the details by downloading the complimentary copy of the complete white paper by filling out the form. Then hear straight from patients who have experienced Comfort Care first hand.