Healthcare Bed & Bath Linen

In this new era of consumer-centric healthcare, medical providers are looking to differentiate themselves by redefining the experience and services they provide their patients.

That experience is made up of all their interactions and environment, from their care, to small touches like linen or overall cleanliness.

As your patients wait for their caregiver, they may notice a stain on their bed sheets or an uncomfortable hospital blanket. This perception will prime them even before a clinician enters the room. Dingy hospital bath towels or varying shades of bed sheets may seem like minor details, but patients may already be stressed without having their attention drawn to what may be perceived as unclean linen.

Our healthcare bed linens are soft, warm and cleaned beyond hygienic standards, giving your patients a sense of tranquility during their time at your facility. All our deliveries of bed sheets, blankets and bath towels are plastic wrapped and sealed for increased infection prevention. This helps ensure that your products are just as clean when you receive them as they were when they left our facility.

Our hospital bed and bath linen program is specifically designed for the medical industry as a fully managed service that includes quality products.

We also offer a premium line of healthcare bed linen [link to Premium Bed & Bath Linen page], ideal for concierge service, sleep centers, or any facility looking to differentiate themselves from other providers.

Healthcare Bed Linen Products, Part of a Fully Managed Solution

You want your staff to be able to focus on your patients, not manage linen. That's why we offer hospital bed sheets and bath towels as part of a comprehensive linen rental and laundry solution, to free up your staff from inventory headaches.

When you partner with ImageFIRST, you won’t have to worry about inconsistent linen availability or the quality of your blankets, bed linen and bath towels. Your single point of contact, known as your Customer Advocate, supports all your facility’s linen inventory needs.

Not only do we rent the medical blankets, bed sheets, and bath linen you need, managing your inventory for you, we also have in place quality assurance processes, so all materials come back to you in pristine condition. While looking for and discarding items with permanent stains or rips and holes, our team hand-inspects every linen to meet what we call our “family standards.”

Additionally, we don’t just stop our laundering at just “hygienically clean.” This phrase gets used a lot in the medical laundry industry, but the problem is there is no universal definition for it. Our services go beyond hygienically clean to ensure that our medical laundry is sanitized, a 99.9% reduction in bacteria according to the EPA.

Product, pricing, and service availability may vary by market. Check with your local representative for information regarding products, pricing, and services available in your area. Participating locations only.