The ScrubVAULT System Complete Scrub Management Solution

When you think of managing scrubs, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t typically a smile. After all, managing inventory or constantly purchasing replacement scrubs doesn’t make anyone smile.

The ScrubVAULT® System from ImageFIRST can help. This easy-to-use cabinet with a compact footprint securely stores, dispenses and tracks distribution of scrubs, giving you full visibility of your inventory and usage. Paired with our fully managed scrub program, you can say goodbye to scrub management headaches. Now that’s something to smile about!

How the ScrubVAULT Scrub Inventory Management System Works

Get flooded with smiles when your staff has the scrubs they need when they need them, thanks to the ScrubVAULT System. It comes paired with our fully managed scrub rental and laundry program, which includes UHF RFID-chipped scrubs, enabling us to quickly scan scrubs for accurate tracking and traceability.

The ScrubVAULT System is modular and scalable: you can have one or many, depending on your facility or staff's needs. Smaller facilities can have one or more in a common area, while larger hospitals can have one for each department or changing room.

Benefits of an Effective Scrub Management System

The ScrubVAULT System from ImageFIRST

Simple & Flexible

  • Staff scans their code and opens the ScrubVAULT in about 2 seconds
  • Staff selects what they need for maximum flexibility
  • No special return unit needed
  • Features the smallest footprint on the market today
  • Minimal moving parts

Accountability & Peace of Mind

  • Helps you stay compliant with AORN's “Guidelines for Surgical Attire”
  • Opens with a code unique to each staff member
  • Automatically tracks what scrubs were taken by users, and for how long
  • Helps manage visitors' loaner scrubs

Scrub Inventory Management for Cost Control

  • Provides inventory and usage reports, so you don’t run out of scrubs
  • Inventory is managed at each delivery by your dedicated representative
  • Reporting available at any time via the online Customer Portal at

Works Within Your Budget

  • No upfront costs to purchase the system or the scrubs


  • 30” wide x 20” deep x 72” tall
  • Capacity: up to 280 scrub pieces
  • Cellular signal

ImageFIRST takes the guesswork out of linen and laundry management in hospitals and medical facilities. Eliminate confrontations and start having conversations with your staff with the ScrubVAULT Scrub Management System from ImageFIRST. Contact us to find out more!

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