The Impact of Effective Scrub Management

Simplifying Scrub Management With a Complete Healthcare Laundry Solution

When thinking about managing scrubs, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t typically a smile.

Scrub management is a challenge all medical facilities face.  From frustrated staff missing their size to running out of scrubs, or missing scrubs from unauthorized users and having to constantly buy replacements – administrators often struggle managing scrubs and keeping their staff happy.

When the new Cleveland Clinic Florida multi-discipline family health facility opened in Coral Springs, they knew they wanted to be proactive about their 60-some active staff’s scrubs. They chose a comprehensive scrub rental and laundry program from ImageFIRST, including the VAULTSystem to securely store their scrubs. Their selection was based on reporting/tracking capabilities, staff accountability, and the convenience the system offers.

Nancy Rodriguez, Administrator for Surgical Operations for Cleveland Clinic Florida, stated that the program was easy to implement and the inventory management from ImageFIRST is great. Rodriguez added the staff is very happy with the VAULTSystem, and those who transferred from other Cleveland Clinic Florida locations that do not have a VAULTSystem love it.

The Challenge of Scrubs

Medical facilities across the country experience a number of difficulties when it comes to scrubs.

From staff missing their size or running out of scrubs, creating frustration for clinicians, to unauthorized users or guests accidentally taking scrubs - administrators are constantly having to manage scrubs.

Pile infection prevention compliance issues if staff are wearing scrubs home, and budget nightmares from always having to buy replacement scrubs, and it's no wonder most facilities struggle with their scrub program.

I'd just like to say a big thank you for the stellar service we have received from ImageFIRST since implementing the VAULTSystem. You guys got it done on time and on budget. We worked together and you functioned as though you were part of our team, working with us to overcome challenges, whatever they were. I recommend ImageFIRST without any hesitation.

Peter C. Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center, Purchase, NY

Measuring The Impact

To validate the impact the program and the VAULTSystem have on the staff, all active users were invited to participate in a short survey. Participants were asked on a scale of 1 (dislike it) to 5 (love it), “Overall, how satisfied are you with the VAULTSystem?” 95% of respondents scored a 4 or higher.

Some of the key features respondents mentioned liking include the ease and simplicity of the system, scrub availability (not running out of inventory), and the flexibility to select the size they want.

A few respondents pointed out the speed and efficiency of the system, and liking that the system did not require a special return unit. When asked what they would change about the VAULTSystem, every single person answered “nothing.”

For the administrator, the use of RFID in every scrub piece providing real-time, detailed usage reports, which in turns drives staff accountability, are key benefits.

Scrubvault Case Study Graphic (1)

To validate the impact a fully managed scrub program and storage solution can have on staff, all active users were invited to participate in a short survey. Participants were asked on a scale of 1 (dislike it) to 5 (love it), “Overall, how satisfied are you with the VAULTSystem?” 95% of respondents scored a 4 or higher.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive System

A well-managed scrub program paired with an easy-to-use secured storage can ultimately improve staff satisfaction and make administrators' lives easier.

For nurses and clinicians, an easy system, scrub availability, and scrub size selection were key drivers in their satisfaction.

For the administrator, the benefits were in having a scrub program that leveraged technology for ease of reporting and tracking, leading to staff accountability.

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez

Cleveland Clinic Florida

Nancy Rodriguez is the Administrator for Surgical Operations for Cleveland Clinic Florida. She joined Cleveland Clinic in 2013. Since then, she held a variety of roles including Senior Office Coordinator, Clinic Office Manager, Assistant Administrator of Hospital Services, and Business Manager of Surgical Operations.

Scrubvault Staff Scanning

About The VAULTSystem

The ImageFIRST VAULTSystem is an easy-to-use cabinet with a compact footprint that securely stores, dispenses and tracks distribution of scrubs, giving you full visibility of your inventory and usage. The VAULTSystem comes paired with our fully-managed scrub rental and laundry program which includes UHF RFID-chipped scrubs, enabling us to quickly scan scrubs for accurate tracking and traceability. Say goodbye to scrub management headaches!

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