Enhancing Comfort. Improving Care.

Programs Designed to Improve the Patient Experience

Do you believe that enhancing your patients’ comfort helps improve care? We do.

Comfort is essential for your patients to have a reassuring environment and thus an exceptional care experience. Quality patient gowns that are soft, thick, offer full coverage, and are free of stains or rips. Bed and bath linen that is always that same crisp white. Comfortable scrubs so staff can deliver care without distraction. All these details provide the comfort and experience patients need to ensure the most positive impression!

That’s why we prioritize patient and staff comfort first, with great linen paired with quality assurance processes ensuring you only get the linen that’s in the best appearance. Products include:

  • Quality bed and bath linen
  • A premium line of bed and bath linen
  • Plush fleece blankets
  • Luxurious towels: bath, hand, and washcloth
  • Full-coverage robes and gowns for every patient and procedure
  • The unique Comfort Care® line of patient gowns and plush robe

Our Comfort Care® product line is one example of innovation that keeps your patients comfortable while setting your healthcare facility apart from the rest. We’re so confident you’ll love them, we’re ready to make you our Plush Promise.

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Staff Comfort

Recent trends1 show a shift in priorities across healthcare facilities nationwide. Once at the top of the list, cost management now ranks third with staff engagement coming in second. While patient experience, ranked number one, can make or break a facility’s reputation, it relies heavily on one thing: staff engagement.

Research shows that a well-fitting, quality uniform impacts staff engagement. Not that it’s news to you! After all, you know how many more smiles you get from a staff wearing something they are comfortable in. Give your staff more smiles with our quality apparel:

  • Bronze, Silver, or Gold level scrubs from top manufacturers
  • Variety of colors in women’s and men's/unisex styles are available, including tall and petite
  • Variety of lab coats styles

With ImageFIRST’s quality and premium product lines and happy staff, your patients are treated to comfortable and cozy linen that creates a positive impression, shows you care about their well-being, and increase patient satisfaction.

Learn how a fully managed ImageFIRST linen program can benefit your healthcare facility.

  1. Wolf, J. A. (2017). The State of Patient Experience 2017: A Return to Purpose. The Beryl Institute. Retrieved from https://www.theberylinstitute.org/page/PXBENCHMARKING.

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