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The ImageFIRST Plush Promise

The healthcare industry has changed since the advent of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. This new era of consumer-centric healthcare is defined by the increasing importance of not only providing excellent care, but also delivering a superior patient experience.

And every part of a patient’s experience with your facility frames their perception, including lesser-known influencers like patient gowns. In fact, these minor details have a major impact.

Comfort Care® from ImageFIRST

At ImageFIRST, we believe that enhancing comfort improves care. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide you with the highest quality of patient gowns, robes and medical linens - putting patient comfort first. We provide the best, most comfortable gowns with the ImageFIRST Comfort Care line, which ultimately helps create a more positive perception of your facility.

Developed with and for patients, the Comfort Care gowns from ImageFIRST are unlike any others on the market, breaking the quintessential patient gown stereotype. The reaction from both patients and medical facilities was so overwhelmingly positive, it inspired us to develop our Plush Promise.

The Plush Promise is our way of letting you know we take your patients’ comfort and the future progress of your healthcare facility seriously. In fact, we back up the Plush Promise with our own money.

The Plush Promise

Switching to our Comfort Care line of gowns will improve your patients’ perception of your facility by at least 50% compared to your previous medical gowns. If it doesn’t, we will give you one free month of service!

If you chose to, we’ll organize a survey when you enter into an agreement to use our Comfort Care products. We’ll send you a before and after survey to gauge your patients' overall impression of your facility.

Because we've serviced the healthcare industry for so long, we have a true understanding of the needs of your patients and facility. Our Comfort Care gowns were designed with your patients in mind, so we are confident they will have a positive impact on their perception.

Like all our linen, the Comfort Care line comes as part of a worry-free, comprehensive linen program. ImageFIRST healthcare linen rental and laundry programs are fully managed to alleviate your staff’s workload, and comprise of superior products, remarkable quality assurance, and infection prevention that exceeds standards.

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