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The 5-Point Quality Assurance Restaurant Laundry System

From napkins to tablecloths, those in the restaurant industry know that clean linens are an essential part of ensuring diner satisfaction. They are often a diner’s first impression of a restaurant’s cleanliness and standards, so it’s essential to have them be fresh, clean and spotless.

ImageFIRST’s restaurant and hospitality industry services provide exceptional care and quality when it comes to ensuring clean linens. They follow a strict 5-Point Product Quality Restaurant Laundry System for every single linen item. Read on to learn more about this laundry system and what it means for your restaurant linens.

The ImageFIRST 5-Point Product Quality Restaurant Laundry System

Unclean linens in restaurants not only can give a bad impression to diners, they can also spread bacteria and germs to restaurant patrons and staff. ImageFIRST developed a 5-point restaurant linen system to ensure that linens arrive at restaurants in pristine condition. This linen system involves premium products, a bright white standard, the highest sanitizing standards, the packing of the products and independent laboratory testing.

1. Premium Products

Having products that offer durability and easy cleaning are important hallmarks of the restaurant industry. ImageFIRST’s restaurant products are all high-quality offerings. For restaurant kitchenware, products are in their Signature Plus 100% spun poly. With stain-release and soft touch technology, these offer both durability and feel great to touch. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to ensure that your unique style or theme doesn’t have to be compromised for quality products.

Products offered include:

  • Napkins
  • Tablecloths
  • Chefwear
  • Aprons
  • Towels

2. Bright White Standard

Every item is hand-inspected to ensure that it meets a visual test for cleanliness. It also must meet the “bright white standard” during this inspection, meaning that it maintains a consistent shade of white with every delivery.

3. Highest Sanitizing Standards

Exceeding commercial standards with a multiple-stage cleaning process and inspection to ensure that every product at your restaurant is guaranteed to be clean. We go beyond hygienically clean to ensure that our laundry is disinfected. “Disinfected,” as defined by the EPA, means that a 99.999% reduction in bacteria has been achieved.

4. Packages Products

After the hand inspection to ensure that products are as clean as possible, each product is then individually packaged and sealed. This ensures that sanitation is retained throughout the delivery process, and you can rest assured that when you open your products they will be completely free from outside contamination.

5. Independent Laboratory Testing

ImageFIRST hires independent companies that conduct lab testing and certifications. This is to ensure that ImageFIRST’s cleaning processes comply with and exceed government standards.

The ImageFIRST Difference

ImageFIRST is dedicated to quality and care in all that we do. From our premium products to our cleaning standards, we are committed to providing exceptionally clean linens and kitchenware to your restaurant. This standard of cleanliness means that your restaurant patrons will see spotless napkins and tablecloths, and your kitchen staff will be dressed in the cleanest, softest and most durable aprons and chef wear.

ImageFIRST doesn’t stop at quality products and cleanliness. We also want to ensure that the process is smooth for your business. With high-quality customer service and an easily navigable site, you can make your orders and deliveries run as efficiently as you run your kitchen.

The ImageFIRST Difference includes:

  • Freeing up your staff: A dedicated local representative can manage your inventory
  • Guest and staff satisfaction: With clean and comfortable linens and clothing
  • Cost management: Including flat-rate billing, transparent invoices, and inventory control based on your actual needs
  • Quality assurance: Industry-leading Triple BioShield Protection, hand inspections, and packaged products, delivered crisp and bright every time.

ImageFIRST: Your Trusted Partner for Your Restaurant Linen System

With our commitment to quality and remarkable service, ImageFIRST stands as the premier partner for all your restaurant linen needs. Our 5-Point Product Quality Restaurant Laundry System ensures that every napkin, tablecloth and kitchen linen adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness, durability and visual appeal, elevating the dining experience for your valued patrons. From our premium products to our transparent billing and inventory management, we strive to make the process seamless for your business, freeing up your staff to focus on what they do best – delivering outstanding culinary creations.

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