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The 5-Point Quality Assurance Restaurant Laundry System

ImageFIRST’s restaurant and hospitality industry services provide exceptional care and quality when it comes to ensuring clean linens. They follow a strict 5-Point Product Quality Restaurant Laundry System for every single linen item. Read on to learn more about this laundry system and what it means for your restaurant linens. Read more >

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Is Your Linen and Laundry Provider Following These HLAC Standards?

The HLAC standards are designed to safeguard patients, staff and the entire healthcare ecosystem by ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and infection prevention. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the significance of HLAC standards and why choosing the right linen provider is a critical decision for healthcare facilities. Read more >

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Finding Medical Linen Services to Meet All of Your Needs

ImageFIRST medical linen services help solve common challenges, including customer/patient satisfaction, inventory utilization, product loss, fluctuating patient census, and cost management. Here’s what you need to know about opting for a comprehensive hospital linen service. Read more >

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Benefits of Partnering with Restaurant Linen Services

Restaurant linens need constant cleaning to present a welcoming and appetizing dining experience. Diners might not notice crisp, clean restaurant table linens at first, but they’ll certainly be disappointed to come across soiled napkins or a tattered tablecloth. Read more >

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Hotel Linen Rental 101: Everything You Need to Know

Running a small or stand-alone hotel requires constantly meeting your guests’ needs and running your company smoothly. This includes managing your hotel linens, from selecting comfortable and high-quality items to maintaining hygiene for your guests. Read more >