Benefits of Medical Linen Services from ImageFIRST

Your Fully Managed Program Includes

Customer Advocate

Free Up Your Staff

  • Fully-managed Program
  • On-time Delivery and Pickup
  • On-site Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Direct Access to Full Service Team

Get more than
a delivery driver

With ImageFIRST, you get...
a Customer Advocate

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Patient Satisfaction

Patient & Staff Satisfaction

  • Quality Patient Gowns & Linen
  • “Bright White” Bed & Bath Linen
  • Unique Comfort Care® Patient Gowns & Robe
  • Comfortable Scrubs & Apparel for Staff

Comfortable, pristine
products for patients
and staff

With ImageFIRST, you get...

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Quality Assurance Linen

Quality Assurance & Infection Prevention

  • "Dead On Contact" Wash Kills 99.999% of Common Pathogens
  • Bacteria-Inhibiting Softener
  • Plastic-Wrapped Linen
  • “Bright White” Standard
  • Hand-Inspected Products
  • “Family Standard”
  • Independent Lab Testing

Infection prevention
that exceeds standards

With ImageFIRST, you get...

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Cost Management

Cost Management

  • Inventory Level Based on Your Needs
  • Proactive Inventory Control
  • Flat Rate Billing
  • Transparent Invoices
  • Fair Price

Inventory control to
manage costs

With ImageFIRST, you get...

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The healthcare industry has gone through major transformations over the past decade; from a shifting continuum of care to technology innovations and patients behaving like consumers, reading online reviews of providers.

Medical facilities and health systems are challenged to address these changes while continuing to focus on providing great care, the patient experience, staff engagement and cost management. Staff is busier than ever as growing demands are made on them. Linen shouldn’t be one.

The ImageFIRST Services

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to dovetail into your existing goals, ensuring linen can become a small part of reaching your targets:

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Improved Clinician Experience: Have your clinicians ever run out of scrubs? Is your staff spending time managing linen?  Your staff doesn’t want to waste time worrying about linen. That’s where we come in: we’ll fully manage your linen program, so they don’t have to. While we can’t address all the things that impact your staff’s engagement, we certainly can help with one: removing the stress of managing linen. With every ImageFIRST program, you get a dedicated representative — whom we call a "Customer Advocate" — who will become an extension of your team.

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Improved Patient Experience: While freeing up your staff is undoubtedly beneficial for patients, your linen itself can also have a big impact. Consider this: your patients are putting on a gown before they even see their practitioner. Does that gown reflect the level of care you are giving them? Every medical linen service program we offer includes the rental of quality products from trusted manufacturers. That's because we believe in "ComfortFIRST."

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Great Care, Better Outcomes: Does your infection plan take linen into consideration? Both staff and patients are exposed to a variety of textiles, which are considered “fomites”: objects capable of carrying organisms and help transmission. Choosing a laundry partner who goes beyond hygienically clean, features robust processes, and only services healthcare can help –- putting your patients and staff safety first. As part of any fully managed healthcare linen programs from ImageFIRST, we provide quality assurance and infection prevention that exceeds standards. We call this approach “AssuranceFIRST.”

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Cost Management: Do you know how much linen you are using? Are your linen invoices fluctuating week to week? When it comes to linen services for your hospital or medical facility, cost control starts with setting an inventory level based on your needs and followed by effective inventory management. With our program, you get a consistent invoice every week, reflecting what you have on site: your needed inventory. Plus, we even show you what you use, for proactive management.  Every program automatically comes with inventory management for cost control. Additionally, your staff apparel is barcoded or chipped with RFID for automated tracking and an extra peace of mind. We call this cost management equation approach “ValueFIRST.”

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