Our Customer Focus

Does your staff ever run out of scrubs? Do scrubs go missing? Do you find your staff managing your linen inventory?

You and your staff both want to stay focused on your patients, not managing linen. That's why we offer fully managed linen program solutions, to free up your team from linen inventory headaches.

Your dedicated representative, known as your Customer Advocate, supports all your facility’s linen inventory needs. Along with a service team supporting him or her, your Customer Advocate takes the logistics of managing your healthcare linens off your plate, so you can put your time and energy where it’s needed most: with your patients.

Your ImageFIRST Customer Advocate

Get much more than a delivery driver with a Customer Advocate, and benefit from he or she:

  • Ensuring on-time and accurate linen deliveries & pick-up
  • Helping streamline your medical linen inventory management on-site and ongoing
  • Providing you direct access via their cell phone number or the “Instant Service” App
  • Delivering Same-Day Linen Rescue for those unexpected busy days
  • Enlisting the Service Manager to conduct a “Quarterly Needs Assessments” to proactively assess your linen uses
  • For staff apparel programs only: Scanning all on-site RFID-chipped scrubs/lab coats for automated and accurate tracking and accountability

Don’t settle for a delivery driver. Get a Customer Advocate, so you won’t worry about inconsistent linen availability, running out of scrubs, or the quality of your supplies anymore.

The ImageFIRST Customer Advocate

Remarkable Service

Violet the Purple CowWitnessing a purple cow in real life would be rather remarkable, right?

At ImageFIRST, our aim is to deliver remarkable service that benefits you and your staff, in turn enabling you to provide remarkable care to your patients.

That service promise is what Violet the Purple Cow represents.

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