The Right Amount of Inventory - Always

Effective Inventory Control for Better Cost Management

Do you or someone on your team spend time managing your linen inventory? Are your invoices constantly fluctuating? Do you struggle deciphering what you are being charged for?

Cost control starts with effective inventory management. ImageFIRST’s fully managed programs provide comprehensive medical inventory management, starting with an inventory level based on your needs, but flexible enough to handle patient volume fluctuation.

The ImageFIRST’s “Cost Management Equation”

  • Inventory Based on Your Needs – you set your linen inventory level based on your patient volume, so you have enough linen to handle patient variations without running out or wasting money on too much extra. You can always make adjustments as your needs change.
  • Inventory Management – we get your linen inventory level back to your needed amount every regularly scheduled visit. We continuously analyze your case load to optimize your inventory level and conduct Quarterly Needs Assessments to ensure you will always have what you need.
    • Scrubs Are Critical – your scrubs, jackets and lab coats are unique to you due to size, style, color or personalization. Therefore, unlike linen, they are managed individually with barcodes or RFID technology for accurate tracking.
  • Flat Rate Billing – you get billed based on what you say you need in inventory, not some complex usage formula.
  • Transparent Billing – your bill reflects what linen you have on site. It’s that simple.
  • Fair Pricing – we ensure the price you pay is fair and reasonable, plus you won’t have unexpected changes in pricing.

Our Cost Management Process

The process is simple:

The ImageFIRST ValueFIRST Cost Management Process

Don’t be confused by complex or confusing billing practices. Always look at your total linen cost; a lower unit price does not necessarily mean lower total cost! Upfront, honest and transparent billing will always keep your total cost in-line.

Reading Our Invoice

The ImageFIRST Customer Portal

Your online Customer Portal gives you 24/7 access to copies of your invoices, details about your inventory, and downloadable certification information for compliance documentation.

It’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offers personalized access for each staff member.

Get a log in from Customer Care at 800-368-3676 and log on at the ImageFIRST Customer Portal: