Scrubs Rental Program for Physicians and More

Medical Scrub & Warm Up Jacket Rental

With an ImageFIRST fully managed medical scrubs cleaning program, you will always have the medical scrubs and warm-up jackets you need, when you need them - guaranteed. Now that's something to appreciate.

Start ensuring staff satisfaction in four simple steps:

    1. Choose medical scrub uniforms for your staff.
    2. Select your worry-free program and stop stressing about scrub inventory.
    3. Pick how you want to keep your scrubs organized.
    4. Get Garment Guarantee for extra peace of mind.

1. Quality Medical Scrub Rentals Your Staff Will Love to Wear

Research shows that a well-fitting, quality medical uniform impacts staff engagement – not that it’s news to you! After all, you’ve seen how many more smiles you get from a comfortably dressed team. Give your staff more to smile about with quality medical scrubs, uniforms, surgical scrubs, and warm-up jackets from trusted manufacturers. ImageFIRST offers:

  • Medical warm-up jackets and scrub rental from top manufacturers
  • Variety of colors in women’s and men’s/unisex sizes available, including tall and petite
  • Color-fast fabrics to preserve color, wear after wear

As part of our medical scrubs cleaning service, all scrubs are hand-inspected prior to delivery to your facility to ensure an optimal appearance.

Style and color availability varies by market. For a complete list of available styles and colors in your market, check with your local representative. Participating locations only.

Branding Your Medical Uniforms for A Memorable Experience

Build your name brand with your practice’s logo and your physicians’ names on their medical scrubs, uniforms, warm-up jackets, or lab coats. Our dedicated skilled embroidery team will work with you to create a personalized, professional look to help build your name.

2. Worry-Free Scrub & Warm-Up Jacket Management Program

All ImageFIRST medical scrubs and lab coat rentals have RFID chips or barcodes for accurate tracking. Once you choose your scrubs for your hospital or medical facility, select the linen inventory management program that works for you so you can stop worrying about scrub inventory shortages: by individual staff member, by size, or a hybrid of the two.

Regardless of which program you chose, we size your staff before the program starts to ensure proper fit, as well as understand your staff’s work schedule to determine the quantities needed.

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3. Keep Medical Scrub Rentals Organized

Once you select the scrubs and program that fit your needs, the right storage solution will keep your facility clean and organized, separating your soiled garments from clean ones.

Facilities looking for additional staff accountability, inventory control, and compliance can rely on the ImageFIRST ScrubVAULT System. This easy-to-use compact cabinet securely stores, dispenses and tracks the distribution of medical scrub uniforms, for complete inventory and staff use visibility.

4. Guaranteed Peace of Mind for Medical Scrub Uniforms

Scrubs disappear, that’s a challenge all medical facilities face. Whatever the cause, the effect is undeniable: your stress level goes up as your supply goes down. With the Garment Guarantee, which comes with your physician and other scrubs rental program, we’ll automatically replace any missing scrub, to give you extra peace of mind.

If you think the medical scrubs you have on hand won’t be enough to make it through the day, don’t worry! Scrubs and warm-up jackets are included in our same-day linen rental service. You need only contact your Customer Advocate by 10 AM to receive a fresh supply. 

Contact us today to build your very own worry-free, fully managed program!

Product, pricing, and service availability may vary by market. Check with your local representative for information regarding products, pricing, and services available in your area. Participating locations only.