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NurseFully Managed Hospital Laundry Services

Hospitals and large health systems face unique challenges outside of those experienced by smaller healthcare organizations. With multiple departments to support, a larger operational footprint, and a diverse medical clientele to serve, hospitals require services that scale with their needs while providing a consistent patient experience.

With decades of experience, ImageFIRST understands the unique administrative needs of hospitals. That’s why our fully managed linen and laundry programs are designed with your health system in mind. Our services allow you to unburden your staff of time-consuming hospital linen and laundry management tasks, freeing them to serve their patients’ needs more effectively.

With ImageFIRST’s services, your facility will always have fresh linen in stock, and your inventory volume will be efficiently adjusted to your needs to help control your costs. Additionally, our products help your hospital present a consistent, professional appearance, featuring comfortable, quality gowns and linen designed to help improve your patients’ perception and satisfaction.

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How ImageFIRST Supports Hospital Departments

With multiple departments to support, hospitals need laundry and linen services that can address the needs of a variety of disciplines. As a partner to over thousands of facilities and health systems, ImageFIRST understands how to provide the administrative help each department needs while also assisting the entire organization in conveying a unified appearance.

Through our programs, your Maternity Care unit will receive the linen products it needs for both mother and baby. Your Surgery Center will always have fresh isolation gowns and surgery scrubs on hand. Your Oncology department’s linens will be laundered with infection prevention processes that exceed OSHA, CDC, and HLAC standards. Across all departments, your hospital’s look and feel will remain consistent to help improve the patient experience.

In addition to hospital systems, ImageFIRST also supports Outpatient Care Facilities and Acute Care Facilities with its healthcare linen and laundry services.

Hospital Scrubs, Gowns & Linen

For patients, staff, and environmental services, hospitals require a wide array of linen products to support their operations. ImageFIRST not only provides high-quality hospital gowns, scrubs, and other products to meet these needs but also a cost management approach to optimize your inventory level. View some of our most popular products for hospitals below:

How Our Fully Managed Programs Work for Hospitals

staff and patient safetyWith so much operational complexity, your hospital faces administrative challenges beyond those of smaller healthcare organizations. ImageFIRST can help free up your staff from tedious linen management tasks so they can spend more time focusing on your patients.

ImageFIRST tailors its fully managed programs to meet the needs of your hospital. We provide you with a dedicated Customer Advocate to fully support your inventory needs. You can also leverage the VAULTSystem, an easy-to-use cabinet that securely stores, dispenses, and tracks scrub distribution in order to optimize your inventory, ensure you don’t run out, and control your costs.

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Gain peace of mind from knowing that your hospital always has a proper stock of pristine linen, all of which has gone through full laundry sanitation. With ImageFIRST, your hospital will have a dedicated partner supporting your operations, helping you provide great care and better outcomes. And if you anticipate not making it through the day with the linens you have on hand, simply contact your Customer Advocate by 10 AM to receive same-day medical linen rental service for your hospital or outpatient facility.

Hospital Testimonials

ImageFIRST provides services to health systems and hospitals across the country. Here’s what some of our partner hospitals have to say:


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