Cubicle Curtain Program

Cubicle Curtain Sanitation Program for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Medical Curtains: The Risk

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 25 U.S. hospital patients will contract at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI)1, costing upwards of $45 billion each year2.

HAIs are associated with a variety of risk factors, and studies show that as much as 40% of HAIs can be traced to the contamination of healthcare workers’ hands3. As such, it’s not surprising to hear that hospital privacy curtains are rapidly and frequently contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.

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Laundering medical curtains is an effective way of keeping patient surroundings safe, if done in accordance with OSHA and CDC regulations to properly remove bacteria. But changing curtains can be time-consuming. How can hospitals or other medical practices manage their privacy curtains and labor costs effectively while maintaining safety?

A Cubicle Curtain Program for Your Hospital or Practice: How it Works

Getting Started
1. Select a curtain design from our variety of colors and styles. 
2. Our team will take measurements and order and install the medical curtains for you, including the removal of existing curtains.

Ongoing Management
1. We remove and replace the curtains on a regular schedule.
2. We document the change for you.
3. We manage the inventory of medical cubicle curtain panels and will ensure you have some on hand in case of an isolation case.
4. We clean, sanitize, and inspect the removed curtains at our laundering facility.

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ImageFIRST's Innovative Cubicle Curtain Rental and Laundry Program

Laundering that Exceeds Infection Prevention Standards

Hospital Curtains with Infection PreventionThe improvement of your patients’ health is at the forefront of your work. That’s why we follow a comprehensive infection prevention process. Our laundering process meets or exceeds the OSHA, CDC and HLAC standards and complies with The Joint Commission linen laundry requirements.

No Upfront Costs

Hospital Curtains with No Upfront CostsDepending on the size of your facility, purchasing new curtains could require capital budget approval for the project, upwards of six figures. With the ImageFIRST fully managed Cubicle Curtain program, you don’t purchase the curtains, so no capital expenditure budget is needed and there are no upfront costs.

A Fully Managed Service

Hospital Curtains Fully ServicedTo alleviate your staff’s workload, your Customer Advocate will deliver clean, properly sanitized medical curtains on time, help manage your curtain inventory, change the curtains on a regular schedule, and provide documentation of the change. We then clean, sanitize, and inspect the replaced curtains at our facility. Torn or permanently stained curtains are replaced at no cost to you.

Improved Safety for Patients & Staff

Hospital Curtains with Improved SafetyChanging a hospital privacy curtain may seem easy, but typical methods may be dangerous. Not only could the removed curtain be infected with pathogenic bacteria, but the removal usually involves a ladder. With the ImageFIRST time-saving system:
  • Individual panels can be removed and replaced in 90 seconds or less.
  • You will have a stock of extra panels on hand that can be changed without the use of a ladder. 

Documentation for Proof of Infection Prevention Compliance

Hospital Curtains with DocumentationWith this program, panels are embedded with RFID technology or barcodes, enabling in-field scanning by your Customer Advocate for both tracking as well as providing infection prevention documentation. Data is stored digitally and available at any time.


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Quality Curtain Fabrics

The ImageFIRST Cubicle Curtain program features panels that are attached to a mesh of varying height to accommodate potentially inconsistent ceiling heights. This allows for all cubicle curtain panels to be the same size, making removal and replacement simple.

• Stocked standard for short lead times
• Antimicrobial-treated*
• Fire retardant and compliant with NFPA-701 standard

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* Data on file, available upon request – Products treated with an antimicrobial are meant to protect the product and do not protect users or others against disease-causing organisms.

Cubicle curtains are available to hospitals and other medical facilities in select locations only.

Product, pricing, and service availability may vary by market. Check with your local representative for information regarding products, pricing, and services available in your area. Participating locations only.