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Fully Managed Linen Programs Designed for Acute Care Facilities

Your healthcare facility deserves better than bulk, unwrapped linen dock drops. If staff engagement and patient experience are important to you, then it’s time to upgrade to a linen program that falls in line with your acute care facility’s goals.

For behavioral health hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living communities, specialty hospitals, and more: simplify your life with a fully managed linen program by ImageFIRST. We’ll help you transition from your current program to a solution designed to help free up your staff, enhance your patients’ experience, and manage your costs. Who knew a linen program could make your life easier?

Interested in how ImageFIRST’s programs can serve your acute care facility? 

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How ImageFIRST Supports Acute Care Facilities

Surgeon putting on maskWith ImageFIRST’s fully managed linen program, we supply your acute care facility with clean, crisp linen to meet your needs. Whether you specialize in rehabilitation, behavioral health, surgical care, or beyond — our program is fully customizable to provide you with the linen solutions your facility needs so you can focus on what is most important: delivering quality patient care.

Keeping patients comfortable and safe is a top priority for us — just like it is for you. Our quality assurance processes are designed for the healthcare industry: ensuring that your gowns, scrubs, and linens are laundered to meet or exceed OSHA, CDC, and HLAC standards, and to comply with The Joint Commission requirements.

Our linen program’s customization options don’t stop at our wide selection of quality products; we also provide flexibility in storing your linen and staff apparel. From storing your bed linen in your storage closet or using covered wire shelving, to individual scrubs lockers or the secured VAULTSystem that dispenses and tracks scrubs — we have the right storage solution for your acute care needs.

ImageFIRST also offers a comprehensive linen program with curated products tailored to fit the needs of various facilities, such as Hospitals and Hospital Outpatient departments.

Products Tailored to Acute Care Facilities

To help provide both comfort and safety to your patients, ImageFIRST offers a large selection of products for your acute care facility. Each procedure or visit is unique and may even require specific patient gown features: front or rear openings, ties or snaps, robe-style, or telemetry pockets. Our quality patient gowns are designed with your patients’ needs in mind. We also provide medical staff uniform solutions by offering color-by-discipline scrubs, lab coats, and warm-up jackets from trusted manufacturers.

With a quality line of linen products and with the peace of mind provided by a fully managed linen rental program, it’s easy to see why so many facilities partner with ImageFIRST.


Fully Managed Programs for Acute Healthcare Facilities

staff and patient safety by ImageFIRST

We know your patients’ health and safety are your top priorities. As your linen partner, ImageFIRST can help free up your staff from tedious inventory management tasks that take time away from focusing on your patients.

Our Customer Advocate will serve as your main point of contact, providing dedicated support for all your acute care facility’s linen inventory needs. We’ll even track your usage by department to help you manage your budget more effectively. In addition to your Customer Advocate managing your linen inventory, you can also easily track and dispense staff scrubs with our VAULTSystem, an easy-to-use cabinet that securely stores, dispenses, and tracks scrub distribution.

ImageFIRST offers more than just great service; we offer peace of mind. All linens from our program will arrive at your acute care facility fully sanitized and in pristine condition. For quality assurance, our team will hand-inspect each piece of linen and ensure full laundry sanitation by killing 99.999% of common pathogens. ImageFIRST linen programs are designed to be your cost-effective solution for greater patient and staff satisfaction.


Acute Care Laundry Solutions from a Trusted Partner

As a trusted healthcare linen partner, ImageFIRST provides laundry services to hospitals, outpatient departments, medical facilities, and health systems nationwide.

With a quality line of linen products and with the peace of mind provided by a fully managed linen rental program, it’s easy to see why so many facilities partner with ImageFIRST.