Storage Solutions

Linen Hampers, Carts, and Lockers for Hospitals and  Healthcare Facilities

ImageFIRST's offering of healthcare linen storage solutions has everything you need to stay organized and stay on top of your scrubs/medical apparel and linen inventory. Convenient options for dirty and clean linen/apparel from hampers, drop lockers and laundry carts will help separate your laundry.

As healthcare-acquired infections continue to be a challenge for health systems and medical facilities nationwide, it’s more important than ever to prevent avoidable complications and keep your patients safe. That is why having organized storage solutions in place for your facility should be a top priority.

Restocking Your Hospital Linen Carts and Lockers

Once you determine the linen and apparel storage solution that best fits your needs, your single point of contact, known as your Customer Advocate, supports all your facility’s inventory needs. Whether you select hospital linen carts, lockers, or hampers, your Customer Advocate will deliver and restock your storage solution at every visit.

Product, pricing, and service availability may vary by market. Check with your local representative for information regarding products, pricing, and services available in your area. Participating locations only.