Hand Hygiene Program

Comprehensive Solution with Hand Soap, Sanitizers and Manual or Touch-free Dispensers

In today’s health and safety-centric world, cleanliness is at the top of the list for facilities looking to minimize the spread of bacteria to keep staff and patients safe while at your practice.

The Hand Hygiene Program from ImageFIRST is a comprehensive solution that provides your facility with manual or touch-free hand soap and sanitizers and dispensers at no upfront cost to you. Once we install the hand soap and sanitizer dispensers for you, your Customer Advocate will restock your supply closet with the products you need every week.

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Our fully-managed Hand Hygiene Program for healthcare facilities ensures your team has what they need when they need it.

24 percent less

Workplaces with hand sanitation options readily available reported 24% fewer claims for preventable illnesses, such as cold, flu and respiratory illness, than those without it.

(Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2016)

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A Hand Soap and Sanitizer Program Designed for Healthcare

While having hand soap and hand sanitizing dispensers near germ hotspots is essential to protecting the health of your workers and patients, it’s only beneficial if they remain full.

ImageFIRST is more than just a hand soap supplier for healthcare facilities and hospitals. With our fully managed program, we will keep your closets stocked with the right amount of soap and sanitizer refills so you don’t run out. We take this program one step further by helping you manage your inventory level by making recommendations based on your usage, without overpaying.

Our comprehensive safety and hygiene programs help your staff spend less time worrying about running out of soap or toilet paper, and more time focusing on your patients.

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We offer a variety of facility services programs — such as our Paper Program, Air Freshener Program, Floor Mat Program, and Microfiber Mop Program — to improve the overall cleanliness and appearance of your hospital or medical practice from the ground up. 

Product, pricing, and service availability may vary by market. Check with your local representative for information regarding products, pricing, and services available in your area. Participating locations only.