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Laundry Services for Senior Living Facilities

Fully Managed Programs for Senior Care

We know the health and safety of your residents are your top priorities. With a fully managed laundry program for your senior living facility, ImageFIRST can help you free up your staff from laundry management tasks, allowing them to have more time to focus on your residents.

ImageFIRST's customizable laundry services provide nursing home, long-term care, assisted living, and other senior care facilities with the linen solutions they need.

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By outsourcing laundry to a healthcare-focused laundry provider, facilities can ensure their linens are being washed with the highest sanitizing standards. ImageFIRST utilizes a Triple Bioshield Protection® process that was designed for the healthcare industry to kill 99.999% of pathogens, giving your staff and residents peace of mind. 

We Serve the Following Facility Types and More:

Nursing Homes | Assisted Living | Long-Term Care | Continuing Care Retirement | Skilled Nursing Facilities

Cost Advantages of Outsourcing Your Laundry

As the amount of Americans over the age of 65 continues to rise, senior living facilities may find the increases in residents are putting strain on their laundry equipment. Before purchasing new equipment to handle the increase, facilities should determine if outsourcing their laundry needs is the right option.

Many senior living facilities are facing budget squeezes and are looking to keep costs down. On-site laundry equipment can be expensive to operate, and the average lifespan of a commercial washing machine is only 10-14 years.

As the amount of residents increases, your washing machines and dryers may no longer be large enough. As the equipment ages, it may not work as efficiently, causing your facility to spend more on utilities.

Nursing homes and other types of senior facilities that outsource medical laundry services can reduce their usage of natural gas by 50-60 percent, electricity by 50 percent, and water by 90 percent. In addition to the saved costs of equipment and utilities, by outsourcing your laundry to ImageFIRST, you will also save on labor, allowing your staff to focus more on your residents. 

ImageFIRST's 5-Point Product Quality Assurance System

staff and patient safety by ImageFIRST

ImageFIRST's 5-Point Product Quality Assurance System was created to ensure your facility receives the linen it needs in the condition your residents expect.

ImageFIRST's industry-leading laundry process meets or exceeds the requirements and standards set by the CDC, OSHA, HLAC, and the Joint Commission. We don't just stop at clean; we also adhere to strict quality assurance processes, like our Bright White Standard which ensures that all sheets and towels are the bright white your residents expect to see and not varying shades of white or light gray. 

Your linen inventory doesn't have to be a hassle. Contact our team today to learn how our worry-free laundry services can support your senior living facility!